for all you who have/are using provera

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    how long were you without your period before your GYN/GP would prescibe this for you? can it be prescibed to help regulate a cycle that is too long and almost non existant? did it work for you?
    here is my background-
    came off implanon implant in august of 08 and have been TTC ever since. had FMP since implant in february 09, long wait i know, and now have had that actual period, then another but with only 1 day of red bleeding and lots of brown spotting. (tmi sorry). took tests on CD43 this cycle and all :bfn:. havent been charting as i havent had a regular cycle yet and thought it would be best to wait before getting all worked up thinking this would happen 9 months later with only 1 (maybe 2) cycles i am getting frustrated as my GP keeps telling me "just wait it out" over and over. (of course she cant do this over the phone so i dont have to pay her lousy feckin copay but thats another ball game) i am so over all of this and was thinking of going to the GYN and asking for provera to help start my cycle off, or even a month of BCP to help me have a period at all! im willing to do whatever i have to do to get my cycle back! any help?
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    I haven't had the implant, but I was on the contraceptive injection for about 6/7 years. I had my last jab in June/July last year, and it took until the 13th January 2009 for me to have my first period, and I bled continuosly for about 4 weeks.

    At this time, we were not TTC, so I went back to see the nurse in the middle of February and she put me on the 'pill,' to try and regulate my cycle. I had the 7 day break every 21 days, and I had a withdrawal bleed in every break. So, in that respect, it did work for me. However, these were only withdrawal bleeds, and not 'true periods.'

    I have since stopped taking the pill (had my last one on Monday - yay!), and am now waiting to see how long it takes for my body to get back into a natural cycle, as my DH and I have decided to try for a baby.

    I hope this is useful for you.

    Good luck with everything xxx

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