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Glucose Tolerance test results :(


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Feb 13, 2008
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hi all got my results today of my glucose tolerence test and it came back abnormal ive got to go to hospital on thursday at 11am and go in a room with 8 consultants, doctors, midwifes,nurses and dietions. been told off midwife who i rang today that i ll have to have on of those sugar lvel machines where u prick your fingr 4/5 times a day and record the results for a week then go back if the results stay the same then thy will sort out what happens from there but if they come back high again i might have to take insulin :( and she told me f they dont treat me asap baby could end up being very large :(
Oh, sorry you got abnormal results but the main thing is that they are on the case and will treat you fine.
Oh sorry to hear that, doesnt sound to good :( Alll i can say is good luck and try not to worry to much about baby. Atleast they are doing something about it x
Oh poor you. I'm waiting for my results - should get them tomorrow.
Don't panic about things too much. You'll get used to the finger prick thing and just think - at least it has been caught now BEFORE yur baby gets chance to grow too big!!!
Big :hug: hun. It'll all be fine in the end x x
Dont panic too much... GD can actually be managed quite easily with diet. Te dieticians will be able to explain it to you...

Alot of pregnant women tend to indulge on alot of carbs and bad sugars while pregnant, as well some fuites can be bad in excess too...
Don't worry honey. :hugs: I have to finger prick 4times a day. It doesn't hurt and it's a good way of keeping a check on your diet. If you do need insulin, you might be able to have the orally administered one and as has been said, at least they've caught it now before realising at 38wks that babes too big and start prepping for c-section. :D
Aww sorry to hear that hun, but at least they have picked it up early enough to be able to do something about it.
hun its not as bad as it seems i no it seems scary but once u get urself into a routine with the finger pricks its ok. i have been doing it a week now and i got to go bk tomo to find out if i have to have insulin im really hoping not...but if i do then they scan bubs every 2 weeks to make sure he ok....and dont worry if u worried about food changes some stuff is really simple....i jus wish i new wat results wud make me need insulin ...so u may wana ask that 1. good luck sweets xxx

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