God I feel crap!!


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Sep 2, 2006
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Hi all
Hope you are all feeling better than me. i have had a head ache for 3 days,feel sicky today and soooooo tired have slept all day,hubby called me lazy coz I did this on couch while he was watching the Ryder Cup,so we had Huge row,made up now but I am just generally fed up with life today.

Anyone else?
Hey Bexxie,

Im feeling the same, so very very tired all the time - its starting to pee me off now. Having naps during the day while the kids are at school but i so need to keep on top of my housework and with 3 kids its not easy. Its frustrating more that anything, i wonna get my ass in gear but just dont seem to have the energy. Find myself falling asleep every night in front of the telly. Had a word with hubby last nite and asked him to please not think im lazy but its difficult. He said he understands but im sure hes gonna start thinking im a lazy cow.

On a personal note, im not into "bedtime" antics either which is also a bit of a worry for two reasons mainly - 1 obviously being in tiredness and the other im scared that im gonna dislodge something if ya get my drift. Im no im being silly, ive had 3 children before, but after my loss i really dont wonna take any chances.

Hopefully i'll get my ass in gear soon. Going to see the MW next week and will mention it to her.... perhaps im low in iron.... i dunno.

Jen xxx

I hadnt thought about Iron you know,now you mention it.....I have midwife on monday have booked an appointment as i want to hear the HB of babe...

As for sex,I have dont it since TTC not actual you know hokey cokey bit as I feel same,I know he wants to but tough there is no way plus I really do have ahead ache,lol

Are you suffereing with bad heads? And my house is same believe me,i have oroning from about 7 weeks ago and can only just do bathroom and kitchen everyday everything else gets left cant do it. I can feel divorce coming on in this house if he isnt careful.......

Take care
LMFAO @ hokey cokey........ men eh....... aint we got enough on our plate without having to worry about"satisfying" their needs.

I sometimes get headaches but i generally find that if i do get them im not drinking enough and get dehydrated without realising it. A couple of glasses of water normally do the trick for me.

Have a word with ya MW Monday about the tiredness, she might wonna get ya bloods sorted out.

Jen xx

I was absolutely exhausted up until a couple of weeks ago. It was a real effort just to get out of bed let alone go to work. I was so bad I went to GP who did blood tests for anamia and underactive thyroid (runs in family and have been losing voice every 8 weeks) All came back ok. Never felt this bad with other 2 only needed ealy night. I'm just hoping its not twins lol :) Have scan on Monday. Just to make things worse had to go to hospital on Tuesday to have camera stubck down throat to make sure throat ok, now have infection and lost voice for 2 days. Just got it bact tonite. On a more happy note my DH is now doing all the cooking :D :D :D Hope you all feel better soon.
I hope you are feeling better soon bex! xx
Aw Bexxie you poor thing :hugs:

Get plenty of rest, your not lazy your pregnant, great excuse for lounging and eating chocs if you ask me.

Hope you start to feel better soon and get to the blooming stage.

Charm X
MrsE said:
Hope you start to feel better soon and get to the blooming stage.

Charm X

I honestly believe the "blooming stage" is a myth. I look (and feel) dog rough throughout my pregnancies. hmmmm perhaps im just dog rough full stop. rofl :lol:

Jen Xx
Cheers for that Jen, sounds like we're in for a great 9 months :rofl:

Love ya really

ROFL Mrs E............ hmmmm :tease:

You'll be Queen Bloomy of the Bloomy People - im sure its just me ......... i really must try and post a pic of me on a good day - you'll no wot i mean then. ROFL


Jen Xx

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