Goodbye Poundland

ah shit no another one.....

i mean....

well done hun ;)

poundland is better than asda!!! only joking well done but pleaseeeeee no more asda is the greates when we know tescosis cheaper :rofl::rofl::rofl:
lol jean, im not gonna get obsessed.
Just glad to see teh back of Poundland now. Things have gotten so bad even the asst manager was in tears today!
Yay well done AG .. didnt know you had got the job. Thats great news .. go you!!! :headspin:
i'm just glad i wont have to travel miles to meet her after work
Congratulations AG :yipee:

Can we have a photo of the pair of you in your matching uniforms? :winkwink:
eventually yes ;)
Rob will have his new ones ready to wear in 2 weeks and hopefully ill have mine then too.

I think were gonna be laughing at each other. He has to wear a bright yellow t shirt and ill have a lime green hat and apron :rofl:
Yum yum... what a combo!
aww congrates hun i used to work at asda to........ dont u just love the green lol x

well done x
The current uniforms are fine but theyre changing in 2 weeks
the new ones are better i think
Yea i think so too. Though Rob thinks his warehous uniform is minging :rofl:

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