Got 2nd appoint this thurs the 28th


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May 22, 2007
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Hi got another test gettin done on OH :sperm: this Thurs comin I'm really nervous about it, Oh was wondering tho and asked me to find out if any of you guys new this, he was wondering if there was any way that was just pre ejeculate fluid last time, he was very uncomfertable with the whole situation and not really in the mood, sorry if tmi but when he went to collect sample he wasn't that hard ( was just how he woke up) and just got on with it till summit came oout so to speak but didn't feel like it usual would for ejeculation + there was only about 1 ml of it n it was quite watery (we did withold from sex for 4 days before sample as advised) any thoughts?

Stacey xx
My OH is supposed to be doing a sample but we were waiting to see if i get a bfp this month first. We were told to refrain from sex for 48 hours beforehand and to try to get the whole lot in the pot as even just losing a little bit can really make a difference to the result. Sorry not much help in answer to your question but letting you know what we were told.
I really have no idea hun sorry - Hope someone can help x

Can't you guys have a bit of fun & you go with him when you do the sample ;) Or do it at home? I heard you can do that but has to be to them & tested in x many hours (2-3 I think). Could be wrong .


Good luck for your appointment though :hugs:
Thank you for your replies,

Wobbles, we done it home and was gonna give him a hand (excuse the pun!) last time but that morning he started feeling really weird about it sait it was all to clinical and getting really shy with me so tried by himself, gonna try wif me this time tho, I got condoms without spermaside aswell just incase frm hosp they said they would rather we didn't use them but if we had to then ok just say when handing in sample.

Stacey xx
Fully understandable so it is

Thats me been n handed in sample this morning, its going to b at least monday before I get any news, its so frustrating as they told me last time the same day as we handed in the sample :hissy: , the nurse that I'm dealing with is off till Mon and the guy that does the lab goes btween hospitals so can't find out from him, I was really hoping to see the nurse as I'm currently on day 35 of a 28-32 day cycle bn having af like cramps since last thurs usually only get day or so bfore af :dohh: , I done test yesterday morn just incase not that thought I was but wanted to b sure but was BFN go figure, don't know whats wrong from when I ovulated :witch: should've bn hear Sun it is always same length of time from ovulation to Af :wacko:

Stacey xxx
Ment to ask how long does it usualy takek to get these results back? Last time I called to find out about something else that is when they told me!

Stacey xx
Good luck Stacey. I hope you get some better results this time.

Producing the sample isn't the most fun in the world, is it? Far too much pressure for that!

I think we had our test results back within a week.



:hugs: Best of luck. Hopefully they dont make you wait to long to get the results.:hugs:
Thanks Suz and Helen, Ur rite the sample isn't much fun, don't know what is going on with me the now I'm currently on day 37 of a 30 day cycle I've bn having af like cramps since week ago on Thurs, also having creamy whith cm, done test on Wed morn just incase n got BFN so don't have clue whats happening!

Stacey xx
Fingers crossed that what you're getting is something good, Stacey. Our bodies can be buggers sometimes and mess with our sanity just when we don't need it. :hugs:
Tell me about it its so frustrating!! Hope all well with you and your gorgeous family!!:hugs:

Stacey xx

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