Grr. This really annoys me.


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Jun 25, 2008
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Bladder infection confirmed today. I guess they say after sex to make sure to use the bathroom. That the heck? That goes against everything I have been told. Aren't you just supposed to roll over and make sure the spermies stay put? :hissy:
it only takes 5 min for all or most of the swimmers to get up there
Sorry to hear that appleseed:cry: Hope you get well soon xxxx:hug:
Ive had this hun, right at ov time too....sods law hey!! x
Aw I'm sorry Appleseed. Get well soon! :hugs:
You and me both appleseed!! Talk about not fair!! I'm even beginning to wonder if I did O' at all! I mean if I had and gotten the spermies where they need to go then this would be worth it but I'm feeling extra down b/c I'm starting to think and feel like it may have been in vain. :cry: Why can't my ovaries pop an egg out!?? Is that really so much to ask for??:hissy: Sorry I'm tired and cranky. Bye for now and I hope you get feeling better soon Appleseed. I'm right there with ya on this!
Thanks you guys! Second day on some nasty strong antibotics. Apparently they can kick this in just 3 days - so that's good news. Feeling somewhat better even just after 1 dose. So that's great. The pains we go thru to get that :bfp: !
I get these if I don't go pee after :sex:
Now I compromise and wait 5-10 mins and then go .. also make sure I drink loads too
:hug: hope you feel better ASAP

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