grumping at my mr. man

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by MummyMummy, Apr 4, 2009.

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    i haven't spoken to him since like 1.30 today, but i was naping for a while haha :D

    as you all know i have bad bad bad spd/pgp and mr. man said when we got to the pie shop toget outta the car cause i might see a cake i like, so i did! :D don'thave to ask this pregnant lady twice to eat cream cakes :D so off i waddle. that's the important bit, the cake bit in this conversation.

    well in the cake shop he knew i wanted a sausageroll (no, that aint gonna fill me and my jelliebean!) so i picked up some tuna (with reduced fat mayo :o) and sweetcorn sandwiches too and some ribena and went over to him and granted there was 2 people serving and like 4 people in the shop and the brat over the counter was asking 'do you wanna carrier bag?' constantly when i was telling my what i wanted. after i had a quick glance, a glance not a look a glance i said 'a cream bun... the one with icing' and he told her one without icing :o so i told him with to wich hejust haaad to look up to the ceiling with a 'dear god give me strength' kinda look then told her that iwanted one with icing on. baring in mind the girl was still infront of us and hadn't gone and come back etc et. to which i said to my 'it's her job' and he said i was rude :o anybody wouldthink i was making the girls life behind the counter hard by asking for a cake... a cake which is only accessible from her side!

    anybody else get sick of their partners doing things like the above? moaning or doing 'the look' when you don't decide straightaway or change your mind? *sigh* it's really effing annoying. not that i changed my mind anyway... he just never listened!
    what is it with blokes and once a decision is made that's it?!

    oh and then when we got to the car he said again i was rude for saying that about the girl - i'm sure she knows her job role/description sweetie !!!GRRR! and then proceeded to tell me he got me 3 sausage rolls 'cau se he did know iwouldn't be full off one! fab. not only have i got 2sausage rolls to eat for t he also thinks i'm a fat heffa! :|

    i am currently sat listening to youtube songs with a theme running through them next to him! oh and lots of sugababes songs cause he hates them! a theme of not happy :rotfl: haha


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