Had my new patient appointment


Married, but not ttc
Dec 17, 2006
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The nurse was very nice ^_^ Said I'm fat tho, lol (not in those words tho!) and that my blood pressure's the bad end of the ok range for someone my age (edging on high i think)

Anyhoo, after all the new patient stuff was out of the way, she asked if I had any questions so I asked about my stupidly long cycle. She went to ask a doctor and came back relaying the message that it can take longer than 6months for them to get back to normal and that store bought pregnancy tests are accurate enough for a negative on those to be right.

Bit dissapointed with that answer really. I mean, its already 4months, nearly 5 months since I came off the pill, and I'm *still* only on my 2nd cycle. I still want to know why this one's so much longer than my last one. What if I have some kind of problem that's going unnoticed? Surely not having a period for 80days is unhealthy too? I mean, other wise why the heck do we have periods. Its to allow the lining of the womb to have a break and rebuild after a week or so isnt it? *sigh*

So my biggest questions remain unanswered. Still, at least I can go see a doctor any time now.
:hugs: Awe Gaby, I would make that appointment then to actualy see the doctor and I would get your answers. :hugs:
After my 'mother' gave birth to me she wasnt on any contraception at all and didnt have a period for 7 years then fell PG with my little sis :lol:

Hope your body gets back to normal soon hun :hugs: are u still TTC? How you feeling anways been ages since i last spoke to you hope everythings ok :hugs::hugs:
Awww hun hope you get something sorted soon!!

Least your registered with a GP!

Good luck and fingers crossed!
id make another appointment hun to talk it over with the doc. It has been a long cycle for you.


Yeah, guess i should make an appoitment, but i'll prob just hear the same thing again.

weestar: wow bout your mum. 7 years! blimey. But yeah, we're still ttc.
I hav eread it can take up to a year for AF to go back to normal after the pill.

I would book an appointment with a doctor though if anything you will have all the information clear in your own mind.

Have you put TTC on hold Gaby or have you guys decided just to go with the flow?
lol, i changed my mind *again* wobbs. i *Am* going back to uni now, so ttc will be on hold ^_^ otherwise we'll be bankrupt, lol. So now i have to go to the docs to ask about other method of contraception. If i go back on the pill i'll prob just stop taking it and ttc again without thinking stuff through, and also i've felt so much better since i came off it. i've only had like 1 migraine since. i used to get several a week.
try the implanon (implant in your arm) it didnt work for me though but many people i know its worked fine for them :)
heh, that's the one that i didnt want ^^; i know ppl say you cant feel it but i just get freaked out by stuff like that, you know, the "there's something under my skin" thing
i thought about that too when i was going for it, but it was ok and you couldnt feel it unless you touched it :lol: only thing i hated about it was because i bled with it all the time, they say give it 6 months to get into your system and maybe your periods will go but after 9 months i was still bleeding, ok it wasnt heavy and i got away with just wearing a panty liner but i just felt really yucky bleeding all the time and got it taken out. and i thought that was painfull :(
mm, bleeding all the time would be annoying, especially as i prefer to use tampons, but you cant use those with a light bleed. but yeah, i'll listen to the doctor and will probably do what they recommend (lol, like they'd let me do otherwise)

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