Had Scan at 13 weeks + 3 baby good but my midwife is facing sack!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by nickyXjayno, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. nickyXjayno

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    Just came back from my dating scan and everything was good, am now a day ahead so due 4th december instead of the 5th, so will be 14 weeks on sunday!!

    Was super stresful getting there as traffic was horrific, my bladder was killing me as I dran 1 litre and a half of water instead of a pint and a half.
    While I was waiting I saw a woman go in for a scan and come out sobbing, she then went into another room but could still hear her crying and shouting at her oh.
    Both me and another woman burst into tears both for her and ourselves.

    I was called next and they found baby straight off and the scanner woman was impressed with my bladder, said I didn't need to drink that much lol.
    Was very painful having scanner on my tummy while so full of pee so didn't enjoy the experience as much as I should have.
    Was a bit annoyed I didn't get to hear heartbeat and was told they don't do that in my hospital! grrr
    But everything was normal and good and got to see the waist, legs, head etc all measured.

    Now here comes the part about my midwife!
    When the hospital midwife asked me for my yellow folder she became concerned when I hadned it to her and it was practically empty.
    She asked if I'd had bloods done and when I said yes she asked where were they and I told her I never got the results back.
    She said my folder was far too basic and didn't have sections for communications, investigations etc so gave me another.
    She then took me to a room with the head of midwifes and asked if I wanted to complain, so I told her about the issues I was having getting in contact with my midwife and how she had failed to turn upto an appointment with no notice, and how I never had my blood results back.

    The biggest complaint I had was the fact I'd specifically told my midwife I wanted the Nuchal fold scan done and she said it would be done at the hospital at my dating scan.
    But upon seeing the head midwife she informed me they did not do that scan and never had, she said my midwife should have informed me of this.

    They also pointed out to me that all the paper work I had signed with midwife wasn't in my folder and had been lost.

    Apparently I'm not the first to complain about this midwife and I have been told it is doubtful she will remain on this team.
    They are phoning me in the next few days to give me a new midwife!

    I also noticed this morning when phoning my midwife her phone went straight to orange answer phone and not the normal midwife answer phone message, coincidence?
    I think she's already gone.

    Anyway hope you all got through that =).
    Am chuffed baby is fine but really annoyed I can no longer have fold measured as it needed to be done before the end of this week.
    Am having downs blood tests in 2 weeks but have heard they are not reliable and give false positives.
    Was also a bit gutted about my pics, I paid for 3 but their all the same pic :(.
    Thought they would give 3 different ones.

    Am impressed if you finished this.
    2nd Tri here I come!

    Goodluck everyone xxxx.
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    Jan 6, 2011
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    Congratulations on scan ( I have mine of 14th can't wait!)

    The idea of seeing a lady come out before me crying makes me want to cry let alone seeing it for real - what a bummer on a special moment :(

    Sounds like your midwife is an idiot and its much better you are getting a new one! I am midwifeless as we moved house but I am too scared to reregister at a local surgery in case they cancel my scan but I tried to phone my original midwife the other day and they wouldn't let me speak to her as I was in the wrong postcode.

    I think we have decided not to get nuchal fold scan done...

    Goodluck with everything xxxxxxx
  3. littleblonde

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    Dec 5, 2009
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    great bout your.my hospital has a sign to say all copys of pictures are the same. And i have never heard heartbeat at scan. They dont seem to do that hear. Hopefully your new midwife will be nice

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