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Happy Thoughts


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Aug 31, 2006
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OK, you will all be glad to hear that i have had a change of heart....i am not going to sit and wait for something bad to happen, i am going to be positive and give this wee bean all the positive thoughts i can muster...
babyglue to all and babydust to all my girls...bless us all for happy endings and much luck for others this year too....
Good for you babe, the best way to be if ya can do it!!!

BUCKET loads of baby glue and all the best luck in the world!!!! :hgs: xx
Aw BB good on you hun.

Glue by the truck load x x x
thanks ladies, went shopping today and got a baggy red jumper and brown maternity combats....my tummy is really bloated so i have a nice bump to try out maternity clothes on...heehee
thanks again, your support means the world to me at the moment
:hugs: I'm so glad you're feeling positive

Charm X
got some niggles today but taking these as settling in pains....trying really really hard to stay positive, this was my bad week last time so am praying each morning i go to the loo...thanks for all your support again
:hugs: and truck loads of babyglue for you beatlesbaby. Hope this week goes quickly and uneventfully for you. Stay positive.
Best Wishes

Caroline XX
sending positive thoughts and happy vibes + loadsa baby glue your way xxx
thanks girls, and i am just loving the ticker,i would love one too but think it might be too big and ott to have both....oooh i might see though
BB it is settling in pains babe :wink: You keep positive and keep sending bean those good vibes!!!

Keep your chin up babe!! :hugs: xx
hi all, well nearly 5.3 and am eating like a horse...i am really not a big eater....i eat when neil eats usually not cause im hungry, but i could eat a scabbie headed horse as you say....and its morning, lunch and dinner....crazy...
i am now more jordan than pamela anderson, its getting ridiculous how big they are (oh is loving it)...not pains anymore, just like some stretching up and along tummy, bit strange to feel and very hard to explain....but i am doing ok, i had started with the bleeding by this time last time so fingers crossed....my symptoms had started to go aswell but they seem to be keeping strong this time.....still scared but trying not to stress....
Hugs hun.

Positive thoughts going your way.

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