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Sep 10, 2006
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We have taken on of the sides off Ewans cot, and have started using it as a bed to see how he gets on.
We decide to do it as in april we will start staying on our boat, and i dont think ewan is going to fit in to his travel cot by then so we thought it best to get him used to sleeping without barriers.

the first night we changed it over Ewan got confused and upset and made him self sick. but he calmed down and my hubby got him to stay in his bed, telling him it was bed time and we were down stairs, so tom left his room and Ewan got out of bed, Tom told him ' NO bedtime- go back to bed' and ewan got back in to bed, then tom stood at the top of the stairs, and ewan started to get out of bed, so tom repeated what he said and ewan got back in to bed! then Tom came to the bottom of the stairs and ewan came to the stair gate at the top of the stairs and Tom repeated him self again, Ewan toddled back of to bed and we didnt hear anything from him till midnight when he took a bottle and went back to sleep.
he then woke at 5.30 and refused to get in bed ot stay in bed so he came in with us at 6 and he dosed with us.

2nd night (on my own) did bed clothes, story, milk, then tucked in to bed, and did the same as the previous night gradually working my self down stairs, didnt go straight to sleep but played in his room for half an hour , he came to the stair gate a couple of times, but when i said back to bed please he went!! he woke at 10pm as the stair gate banged when i went to bed, then he woke at about 2 had a drink, and went back to sleep. woke at 6 and was wet so changed nappy and he pottered in his room, then came in to my room so i told him back to bed and he toddled off back to bed,, didnt hear anything from him till 8am!!!

So all had gone better than expected, i've found rather than forceing him in to bed, just telling him seems to work, if i fight he thinks its a game.

will see how we go tonight too!
Oh do keep us updated, we have bought noah a bed, and once we decorate his new room over the next few weeks we will be moving him in to it. Are you using any sort of cot side to stop him rolling out in the night?
Well almost a week on and things are still going surprisingly well!
Ewan is going to bed really well, 2 evenings i've come back at about 8 pm and ewan has been dosy after the drive so ihave taken him straight upstairs and changed him and put him to bed, he has cuddled up and gone straight to sleep.
most nights he has woken, twice though i heard him cry and got up only to find him fast asleep beide his bed :) poor lad obviously fell out and then just nodded off.
He has been waking around 7.15 and coming in to us and cuddling up, before jumping on us or poking me in the eye :roll:
So it will stay this way.

Certainly staying with him and trying to get him to lay down doesnt work so if i shut all the doors to the other bedrooms put the nightlight on in the hall and leave his bedroom light on dim, he seems to stay in his room, and if he does come out if his room, we can just say 'no ewan..bed now' and he runs off and jumps in to bed.

So much easier than i though it was going to be!!
aww Ewan is a little star. It sounds as if he is doing great. We are getting close to putting Seren in a bed, and I am a bit nervous but feel better from reading this. How cute is he, climbing into your bed in the mroning too :)
Thats great! It made me and my OH laugh when you said how he had rolled out of bed and gone to sleep on the floor!

Im not sure wether to get one of those low cot side things to put on the side to prevent him doing it, or weather he will just try to climb over it and risk hurting himself.
thats great sounds like he has taken to his bed well! Hope it goes so well for me when the time comes! Think Im gonig to wait as long as possible though.

do you think its best to do when their younger to get them used to it from an early age, or when their a bit older to put it off for as long as I can ?

I suppose when their older they will be more aware of the change and might not like it, but when their younger their more likely to fall out or climb over the side and hurt themselves :roll:

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