head not engaged at 39 weeks?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by babydust1978, Nov 15, 2011.

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    hello ladies
    having a terrible day - saw mw who has said head not engaged at 39 weeks which is unusual for first baby and we know head down from a scan a few weeks ago. She went on to talk about various possible scenarios/complications e.g. risks if waters break, difficulties doing a sweep and i'm now freaked out - anyone else had this experience of head not engaged at this point?
    many thanks
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    Hi Babydust
    I'm having my first baby and he went from oblique to breech to head down in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I went for my first sweep at 40+4 and he was head down and 4/5 palbable - so only slightly engaged. I'm now 9 days overdue, went for my second sweep and he's now not engaged at all! Just wanted to let you know that while they couldn't do the sweep the first time as they couldn't reach the top of my cervix, they were able to do the second sweep and manage to touch the top of his head even though he's not engaged. I'm also 1cm dialated and the midwife wasn't worried at all about him not being engaged, and said the head can engage with labour, as contractions push the head down. Hope this gives you some reassurance, best of luck with labour, I'm sure you will have your little one soon :) x

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