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Aug 31, 2006
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I wanted to put it in here because I think my question belongs here with you x

Hows things feeling for you :yipee:

You told many - Must be hard esspecially those who decide not to tell for x many weeks but I'm sure a lot of close people knew of your cycle.

Thinking of you all the way through of course x
Aw Wobbles, ta for asking. :hugs:

Bit scared of being in this section! It's pretty alien.

Feeling generally ok. Had a slight feeling of nausea this morning, I felt quite excited! My bum's pretty lumpy and bruised from the latest lot of injections, but coping alright with a big icepack!

Told people who knew about our cycle but trying to keep it quiet other than that. OH is doing a better job of that than me! Told boss at work who was pretty understanding and they've taken some work off me to ease the stress and to prevent me having to travel anywhere. Also told H & S woman at work which was handy cos ended up getting sent home yesterday. Some idiot bloke at work decided to have a go at me yesterday and what with the hormones and stress levels I ended up in tears with a tummy ache. The good news is that the hormones meant that I gave as good as I got whereas I may have been slightly more professional otherwise. :twisted:
Lumpy bum :lol: Bless you

Sounds like the guy needed to get what he was giving :twisted: If he didn't who cares blme the hormones lol

Glad your taking it easy just make sure you stay like that to the end :twisted:

Helen, glad things are going well hun......and glad you have support at work! :hugs: x

I hope you have a healthy pregnancy hun sorry about the guy at work .
sounds like there very understaning at work, you must have a good job! Glad everything is going well, hope your feeling ok :)

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