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help.. advice needed! pink wee

jacobs mummy

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Jun 25, 2007
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need your help ladies.. i thought best to ask you lot who made it to the 2nd tri... got up for work and noticed pink wee.. then when i wiped it was a small amount of red. Had 5 wee's now and only the frist 2 pink - other 3 completely clear. Can't think straight - need help pls. Waitig for docs to open to speak to nurse. Never had this with my son.

H x
I would get it checked just incase hun, let us know how you get on :hug: xxx
called doc they told me to call the hospital. The MW at hospital just said as it's stopped to just rest and keep an eye on it. If i'm really worried or i start heavy bleeding to go in. I have an appointment for a week thur so i'm preying i make it to then.

H x
Sounds like a water infection, but that often burns,
i'd call mw ask for her opinion
it sounds like a UTI (urinary tract infection), like cystitis, which causes a little blood in your pee that makes it pink. It's not that bad honest, and it's not dangerous to your baby, and it quite common in pregnancy. I've had it clear up on it's own fine.
Only if it gets worse or burns when you pee or you find it hard to pee you need to get to a doctor so you can get some meds because very occasionally it can work it's way up to your kidneys and you don't want that when you are pregnant. But really, very common and nothing to worry about really.

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