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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by MrsH86, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Freya is almost 11 weeks and is staying awake a lot more during the day but now getting her to nap is a lot harder. She used to be really good at self soothing and putting herself to sleep but now she will just lie in her cot cooing and staring around the room, with no signs of tiredness, this eventually leads to her getting frustrated and crying. It's annoying because ten minutes before she'd been yawning and rubbing her eyes but I put her down and she seems so awake. She does sleep quite well at night but getting her to nap seems impossible.

    Just wondered if anyone had any advice/tips. I watch for all the tired cues and try to get her to sleep before she's overtired but she fights it so much during the day. How often did/do your LO's nap at 11 weeks and how long for?

    Thanks in advance x
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    I would love to know this too! Lo used to fall asleep right after BF so I could put her down but she is awake much more now.

    The ONLY way she will go to sleep now is for us to hold her horizontally and flat facing our body with dummy and jiggle her! This does work but it woud be great if she would settle in the moses basket as it is hard to put her down without disturbing her!

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