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    Nov 7, 2006
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    Hi there!!!!

    I need a bit of advice.

    My little angel has become a little monster!!!! He does not want to sleep at night anymore and screams the place down, sitting on his bed. Him who used to sleep through now wakes up at 3 am because he wants to play and screams more because I am just putting him back to bed and ignore him ( after checking he does not need anything). He touches everything and if you say no, he cries and bangs his head on the floor, wall.... He only wants to eat with a spoon of his own but throws the food around. i cannot change his nappy or dress him up without him crying and trying to run away lol

    please tell me it is normal [-o< or should i worry?

    i am experiencing terrible twos at one lol and it is such a change, him who was so placid and lovely. forget about the cuddles, he is on the move constantly lol

    shall I carry on being strict with him in the way that I am not giving in into his tantrums?

    thanks for your answers
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    Sep 1, 2006
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    i think its perfectly normal for them to go through fases like this, im only just getting the terrible 2's with Adele and shes now 4 :shock:

    only thing i can advise is let him have his tantrum, walk away from him aslong as he isnt putting himself in any danger of course, i find letting adele get it out and leaving her for 5 mins she soon calms down and comes for a hug and says sorry :)

    she does it for attention but shes now starting to learn that mummy and daddy ignore her and pretend she isnt their and the tantrums are getting shorter and shorter :lol:

    good luck hun sorry if this doesnt help at all


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