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    i dont know whats wrong with my son hes just over 8months. hes never slept through and just recently hes been waking every hour he wants his milk but i know hes not hungry! ive tried water, letting him cry(he just ended up waking up talking away), playing soft music, rocking him to sleep(this makes him annoyed lol) giving him his dummy,rubbing his back,patting his bum. hes just recently got a tooth through but could he still be teething? he is still in my room but he wakes up even when im down stairs?
    and when he drinks his milk he ends up with a sore tummy with it.
    he eats breakfast lunch and dinner and has 2 7oz bottles through the day and sometimes up to 3 7oz through the night.
    any suggestions? any help would be good :)

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