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Sep 29, 2008
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hi ladies, Iv jus joined today! im 12 weeks pregnant with my first baby after 15mnths of trying! just before i found out i was pregnant me and my bf broke up! however he does kno im pregnant but isnt interested and has been causin me alot of problems! hence having to change sites! WOuld be nice to meet lots of new ladies in the same kinda situation! look forward to hearing from you's soon

hey hun i'm in the same boat haven't seen or heard from him since i agreed to book a termination and then started getting more and more upset and couldn't go through with it. i feel so hurt by the rejection of our baby and i hate him for that
Hey, welcome to BnB!

I'm in a very similar position to you. My fiancé and I broke up (he cheated) around the time I found out about my pregnancy. He knows about our daughter but doesn't want to know at all but still caused hell :dohh:

I'm happy to be doing it on my own now though :)
Vicky - ye i got to dirty done on me 2! its not nice especially knowing ur carryin his child! he didnt jus cheat though he used to hit me around alot then tht turned in2 mental abuse n controllin behaviour! im just anoyed i tried for 15mnths for him to ask for a dna then a termination, never i couldnt do it! also we lost a baby this yr aswell as i had a mc! so hav u not heard anything from him? o u dnt hav much longer to go, u all excited?

Scared1 - sorry hes asked u to have a termination its not nice is it? hav u heard anythin from him?

no he wont return calls or text and his family seem to support him and have told my parents if i go after him for maintenance he will move away! i'm totally alone and very scared
he cant do that hun coz theyl jus keep chasin him for the money! jus remind him and guy can make a baby but its a real man who makes a father! im havin pretty much the same trouble! iv had 2 change my number n email as hes bn sending really nasty msgs which iv bn 2 see a lawyer about! not to mention i used 2 b on askamum but had 2 cum off that as him and his sister were stalkin me on there! do u still live at home at the moment? jus remember u hav ur family around u! they will help u thru! and 1s uv got that baby in ur arms all this wont matter with him! remember its his loss!!

so hav u not heard anything from him? o u dnt hav much longer to go, u all excited?
Nope not a single thing since the beginning of August. I emailed him to say i'm going to do it all on my own now, he won't be on the BC etc, and he didn't even reply so it shows how much he cares, eh?

Us and our babies are better off with these sperm donors in their lives :)
arsehole!! anytime iv emailed my ex or texted i jus get a nasty horrible reply so i hav given up changed my number n email! hes had plenty changes! and askin for a dna then tellin me 2 hav a abortion is jus taken it to far! so me n flump will be happy without the sperm donnor! ha love it!

Heya! Sorry to hear about your crappy situation atm. Some people just haven't a clue, and the truth is most people like that dont get a clue till much later on in life.

My story is kinda different... one night, and one night only I turned to one of my best friends (of about 10 years) for comfort one thing led to another and that led to a BFP. When I refused to terminate he got a tad verbally agressive. Havent heard from him since I was two months pregnant. I'd love for him to want to be there but he doesnt. And I really dont want to subject Alex to the type of so-called father.

I promise ya once bubs arrives, that LO will make you feel like you could never run out of love. If ya need to talk or anything just gimme a shout!

aw hun im sorry to hear that! how old ur wee 1 now?
the more i think about it the more im glad he hasnt got in touch i physically hate him! he was violent towards me and i cnt subject flump to tht! he makes me nervous when hes near me! so jus now the longer he stays away the better il b! jus wish things were diff for flump! but hey! i grew up without my dad! its a fact babys dont need dads, however they all need mumies, u kno 2 spit on thth hanky n wipe there face lol


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