Horrid Dreams!!


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Jun 5, 2008
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I know they are common in pregnancy but I don't ever remember mine being so vivid. I have been waking up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding and feeling so sick. I can still remember them all but they are always about Zombies! Silly I know but then the subconcious isn't a very safe place!

Does any one else have them so bad?
I've always had really vivid dreams, and tend to remember them when I wake up. Since being pregnant, I've started forgetting them... but I know they're not nice! I had one I do remember from earlier in the week where we hid my grandad's dead body in our glass top coffe table. It was horrible!! Any ideas why they're so nasty, what causes that?
I don't think mine are nasty, some of them are confusingly weird though. I did dream I had a little boy, that was nice.
I have no idea why they become like that and find it very strange! Like you louise, I've always had them but they have become more evil and more vivid since being pregnant. Even to the point when I wake up and eventually get back to sleep the dream starts where I woke up again and it's awful!!!
My DH has to wake me up the other night cos I was crying in my sleep - I dreamt the 20 week scan didn't go very well and they had stuck a needle through my belly button - YUCK!
i've been having bad dreams, sometimes soo bad it makes my heart thud and i wake up and cant breathe through panic! one dream someone random came up to me and put their hand on my belly and just said 'the baby is dead' this is when i wake up run downstairs and get the doppler out, allllll is fine - phew!

Last night there was lots of people dying and i know that means birth and i get up and see that ema has gone into labour so i knew something good was going to happen!

im trying not to read too much into them because i think its just hormones, they make u think more and therefore your dreams become more vivid and about things that upset you.

not nice tho!
mine have been bad too

right from my oh sleeping with someone else to dr trying to force me into a termination

main ones have been about being stuck somewhere with no means of escape

oh had to wake me the other night as i was crying in my sleep too - so i think thts norm
The worst one I recall so far was actually from this morning... no zombies involved! I dreamt Kevin was telling me he was on his way out to work, and I was in the bathroom and noticed I was bleeding... quite a lot, too! I freaked out, because I knew Kevin really was getting ready to go out the door as I dozed off, but for a terrifying moment I couldn't make the connection in my brain that I was dreaming and still in my bed. The bathroom I was in in my dream wasn't even in our house, which should have tipped me off, but the mind can be an irrational thing. I very nearly called Kevin back in for real, I was that disorientated and frightened by it! I don't know what causes it, but I rather wish it wasn't so 'real'.
mine have been bad too

right from my oh sleeping with someone else to dr trying to force me into a termination

main ones have been about being stuck somewhere with no means of escape

oh had to wake me the other night as i was crying in my sleep too - so i think thts norm

I've woken up at least a half a dozen times so far with tears running down my face, but most of those dreams I don't even remember. If they were that bad, it is probably just as well!
i been having scary dreams, the other night i was having them about ghosts and little girl ghosts(there always the scarest) and typewriters :l, it all sounds weird but it was the scarys dream i have ever had in my whole life!, all i remember in my dream was i was crying very loud and shout leave me alone, just go away and my sister in the morning told me that i had been crying and i kept whispering leave me alone over and over :l
I've been having horrible dreams recently, last night after watching the final part of Silent Witness, i dreamt that my Brother had a dog and that his GF and kids where scared off, and bascially looked like it would attack every one, and we went around there and was barking its head off! Scared the living poop out of me!!!
Also the other night i dreamt that the house had water on the roof so we had to rock the hosue for it all to go and the house flipped in the air!!! How odd!! OH thinks i'm loony!!
I have been having them as well sometimes they are really frightening, they usually involve a member of my family being killed but the other morning I had an awful one about loosing the baby.

The mind is a very scary place!
Hormones, hormones, hormones.
Give us a break, will ya?
Ive had some terrible ones too..

My hubby would love to trade dreams with you Im sure..he loves Zombies! He is always making me watch the WORST zombie movies..

Im sure you would like that too.

I wonder what it is about pregnancy that causes such vivid dreams? I would assume some is stress/worry about the baby...and so on..
From what I've read, the vividness is caused by hormonal changes. Small comfort when you're waking up crying in the night!

I've had dreams that included such lovely things as:
- People harming their babies (intentionally or unintentionally)
- My hubby leaving me
- People trying to force me to give up the baby or terminate the pregnancy
- The baby dying in utero or after being born
- Forgetting I'm pregnant and going out drinking (I don't drink!) or doing dangerous activities like riding a motorcycle in a race (I have no idea how to ride a motorbike)
- Fighting with relatives over how to care for the baby or care for myself while pregnant
- Losing the baby (leaving him in the car, supermarket, etc.)
- Waking up bathed in blood, knowing I've lost the baby and might bleed to death

It's all anxiety, at least for me, about pregnancy (I'm high-risk), giving birth and becoming a mom for the first time. Our hormones make us crazy when we're awake, why not while we're asleep too? I wonder if our dreams will seem dull and boring once we've all had our babies?

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