How accurate are early scans?


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Sep 2, 2006
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Hi all
My question above may seem strange but I have reason for wondering?

I lost a baby the 21st June was about 2 weeks gestation so very early,did hardly bleed no pain nothing,so on the tuesday went ot the scanner and she said all empty,ok she knows her stuff I thought so said to hubby we will try straight away,the bleed (if you can call it that!) lasted 2 days not much there TBH.However getting off track here.
About middle of july i thought you know what i think i am pregnant so tested with Digital test and yes was defo preg. well i thought that was quick but thought not uch more that we had been very lucky and meant to be.

My query is at 7 weeks booking in visit (16th august) my midwife heard a fetal heartbeat loud and clear on the doppler (this is almost unheard of this early) so she was concerned that I had either lost a twin or was still pregnant from original time? Went for scan the 21st and the baby measured 7 weeks 6 days so what i want to know is how acurate is that?

To be the date I am I would have had to conceive the 27th-29th June and the fact i only BD the 20th (day before apparant m/c) i do not see how this is possible as sperm surely cannot live this long. I am estimating i would have conceived the 29th and I think not 100% that we BD this date?

Sorry for long post,lol I do nothing by halves...........
Hey Bexxie,

Wot EDD have they given you from your scan???

Scans are pretty acurate at the early stage because they can determine so much about the baby's development. The development happens so quickly, they can see wot has formed / is forming / has not formed yet, and as the little mite is so small and they grow so quickly this also helps with their determination.

Also just in case you are not aware - a normal pregnancy is calculated as 40 weeks from the start of your last menstral cycle which is Day 1 of your pregnancy. (For the first two weeks you are not actually pregnant) On day 14 after your last period it is likely that you ovulated and thereby conceived your child which would actually be week 2. Although like me, you may be unable to determine your last date of your period so a scan can determine when your baby was concieved by basically subtracting 2 weeks from the dates your midwife gave you. I.e. 7 weeks 6 days- your baby is only 5 weeks 6 days and you therefore ovulated / conceived on 11th July.

We are only actually pregnant for 38 weeks but they count the extra 2 weeks from our last period date. So when they say we are 10 weeks for example the baby is only actually 8 if you follow me!!!

Although i am stumped by the doppler heart beat as these are not generally heard so early.

Ask your midwife to explain if you dont fully understand anything but like i say scans are excellant for determining acurate dates.

It would be interesting to know wot date they gave you for your EDD. I may be completely wrong because they heard the heart through the doppler and i may have completely misread your message but this is my understanding..
Hi I havnet got a EDD until my scan on friday this week that is why I am confused. I know about the two week thing but because of the m/c and because i knew when I had BD the m/w didnt put EDD either,thanks for your kind words it helps to get someone elses perspective as can feel liek ma going mad sometimes.

The doppler god knows very,very odd.

Thanks Bex
A heartbeat is possible to hear from 9 weeks (but very rare), but still at 15 it can be hit & Consulatnat told me that last week when I went to see him.........sadly there are people out there that mistake our owm pulse for the heartbeat!

As for scans, they are very accurate, they use the scans in cases like yours to date whatever the scan says, you can rest assures it is correct.

Good Luck for Friday! xx

I am surprised that you don't have an EDD, when we went to our GP she did an EDD, and when we had our booking in appointment with the m/w she also did the EDD.

Today our m/w also said from week 13 onwards the womb starts to rise, and the best time for the Fetal heartbeat is realistically week 16/17 onwards.

Good luck on Friday with your scan, it's from this your care providers should take the EDD. Again confirmed by our m/w today.
hi there when i was carrying my second child the midwife came out to me at 9 weeks i asked her was she going to listen to the babies herat beat she said i will have a go when she did there was definately a heart beat there and then later on in my pregnancy i my edd changed from aug 4th to 14th so i think then i was only 8 weeks but it was definately a heart beat so good luck xx

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