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How do you know when you are miscarrying?


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Nov 6, 2006
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I'm sorry to ask this in here, I just wondered how you know the difference between bleeding and the start of a miscarriage? Is there any way to tell?

As some of you have probably seen I've been bleeding like a light period on and off since sat and have had mild cramps, discomfort and lower back pain.

I'm not getting answers from my doctor yet because results are taking forever to come back. Just wondered if you definitley know when you are miscarrying or if there is no way of telling and I just have to wait it out.

Basically I don't have a good feeling at all about this and I'm starting to not be able to imagine this baby in my head anymore, I feel like it has gone :(
Hi vic when i was having a m/c i had to have blood tests i had them done at 9am and was told i would get a phone call at 1pm with the results. no one phoned so at 1.30pm i called up kckng of big time refused to get of the phone and was shouting my head of, they then called me back 5mins later with the result.

i have had 2 m/c one i didnt no about i went for my 12week scan and there was a baby mesuring 12 weeks but no heart beat, so i had m/c with out knowing. i left it for 2 days as i wanted the baby to come away naturaly but nothing happened so i had an operation instead.

the other m/c i was 8 weeks i got heavy period pains a bit of brown blood then a few hours later i bled loads fresh red blood.

i hope you get answers soon hun:hugs:
Oh Vic :hugs:

When there is bleeding in pregnancy I don't think theres much to tell you what is happening as many girls experience threatened miscarriages but go on to having a healthy LO in their arms.

Early miscarriages are hard & frustrating & I'm surprised they didn't do a blood test which is then repeated 48 hours later which confirms if your hCG levels are rising as they should or sent you for a quick scan. Its the most awful feeling esspecially when your left on the waiting game for results.

Hope you get an answer soon to put your mind at rest one way or the other.

With me i just spotted slightly and when i went to EPU they scanned me and it showed baby had stopped growing about2 weeks before, yet it took this long for me to have any signs at all

I think with any bleeding it could go both ways sweetie

Fingers crossed for you hun x

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