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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by gilliankelly, Aug 11, 2007.

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    I just thought I'd pass on the way I conceived; you can take my advice or leave it. I just thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

    I always had irregular cycles; when I say irregular, I mean they were really long, easily lasting 38-40 days, and so I didn't take my period every month. When my fiancé and I decided to try to conceive in December 05, I decided that I'd use the Basal Body Temperature and Cervical Secretion method. After 3 months of temping and charting to work out when I ovulated, I found that I ovulated in or around day 28 of every month. Using this information, in April 06, we began trying when my temperature, cervical secretion and Toni Welcher's 'Taking Charge of Your Fertility' told us to! And we didn't try at any other time ... I had it in my head that I didn't want to waste my fiancé's sperm during infertile times. That's how obsessed I became! Still, I never got pregnant. After 6 cycles of nothing, in October 06, I lost my beloved dog to heart failure, and so we stopped trying so that I could have time to grieve. I doubt we had sex in October or November at all; I was so upset over my dog's death that I just about managed to go to work every day. And although I swear I don't remember having sex in December, it was in December that we finally conceived. We weren't even trying ...

    When I had my booking appointment at the Maternity Hospital, they told me my foetus was 14-weeks, and that conception took place around the 12th December 06, which was EXTRAORDINARY as I'd taken my period on 28th November 06, and so consideringly my long cycles, I wasn't due to ovulate until late December. It was then that I realised that despite my studying Toni Welcher's book from start to finish, knowing I was temping and charting correctly, I had been trying to conceive at the wrong time every month. It took us to stop trying, and stop charting, to conceive.

    I'm not suggesting any of you ladies stop temping or stop trying, God no! Continue to use the method you're using by all means. But please don't make the mistake I did. Have sex regularly whether you believe you're ovulating or not, every other day, or at least 4 times a week, every week that you're not menstruating. You never know, you could be ovulating one week, and trying the next as I was. By all means, continue to chart, temp, whatever method you use, but treat every week that you're not menstruating a fertile week and have sex regardless of what your temping method etc tells you, because the information I was getting was inaccurate by 2 weeks!

    I just thought I'd pass on the way I got pregnant; I wish you all the best of luck. xxxxxxxxxxx
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    Interesting story :D

    I wa slucky my cycles were not out and I defo O every 12th day which also ties in with when I conceived and when we BD on day 11 I think - Sex on a reg basis is a godo idea anyway if anything it spart of your r,ship my OH was getting put off thinking I only wanted sex when I was around O day oops!

    Alot more relaxing though when you bin the thermometer, OPKs & obsession which can ahppen other times its for more finer reasons relating to problems.

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    i ve no idea when i ovalate it looks to consfusing to work out what a lovely story tho

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