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How Long Did You All Wait B4 Trying Again?

Old Hayley

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Apr 1, 2007
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What is the average people wait before trying for 2nd, 3rd, 4th child?

I'm not in any rush. Jacob is only 7 months old. Just wondered how long everyone else waited>

H x
there is 19 months between Charlie and Ethan

6 years between Ethan and Coby

And we have been trying for baby number 4 since Coby was a month old.

we only talked about another when Adele was 3 1/2 but i didnt come off the pill untill june 2005 and by then i was already pregnant :blush: :lol:
Once I get to number one :crib: I don't think I'll bother again :dohh:
the joys of pregnancy are still quite fresh in my mind... so i'm in no hurry to start trying again... just don't want to leave it too long and end up being too old. 33 this year! so maybe we'll think about it in 2 yrs... and hope it happens quickly...

13 years between the first two, but we started trying straight after having Charlie!!:blush:
When my hubby and I met we already had a child each, mine was 9 months old, his was 7. So we weren't in any hurry, but always knew it was something we wanted. So by the time we did do it Katie was nearly 4 when Lucy was born, and now Lucy is 4 and we are trying for our 4th (and last ! lol). I think it's been a perfect age gap, because in both occasions the youngest at the time has been in part time or full time school, so it means I get quality time with the new baby. Or at least that's the plan.
I have just had my second and Jonny was 4 and a half when Frankie was born. I was 32 when I had her.
Gabriel was 11 days short of 3 when alisha was born, and there is
just over 2 1/2 years between Alisha and Kaleigh (5 1/2 tears between Gabriel and Kayleigh) and i quite like the gap. If we have a fourth we'll probably wait about 18 months to 2 years b4 we ttc.
There will be 19month age gap with Bex and this one!
11/12mths between maddie an ellie j ( when she arrives) lol



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