How long should you wait?



Just wondering how long you should wait before trying again after a miscarriage. I feel emotionally it would help me to try again straight away but don't know what the medical side of things recommends?

Go with your heart hun x Your GP may suggest a cycle first as getting a normal period may or may not take a little time also when you fall again its easier to work out your dates. Your hCG levels need to drop also - I'm not sure of your situation & if a medical plan is in place?

But seriously if your ready then go for it ~ I did.

x x x
:hugs: hi jo i misscaried last august 14th and then after that happened i waited around 3 weeks and tried again and caught with this baby who is due next sunday if you feel ready go with it hun i was told to wait it was too ealry should have 4 proper periods but i thought what the hell so we tired and fell preg straight away i have heared that the body likes to be preg that why it easy to all preg after a misscarriage or after youve had a baby

good luck spunky xxxxx :hugs:
After mine, my doc told me to wait one cycle. I know several people that got pregnant a couple weeks after and had healthy pregnancies.
goodluck babe u no when its right hurry up so i can be a anuty hehhhe
Hi hun, as the others have said they advice to wait one cycle but i would def say when ur ready go for it.
Good luck.
I also agree with the girls if you are ready then go for it hope you get your BFP soon :hugs: .

Stacey xx
Most docs will say go when you feel ready. Our bodies are made to make babies, they bounce back very quickly. Our minds however, are what really need attention. :)
i Lost twins in april hun (had a missed miscarriage) and started trying straight away after the D&C , it happened after one cycle for us but everyone is different, a girl i know its traken her since december and she got preg this cycle xxxx
Hi I had a MC june 24th 2006 and was about 3-4 weeks (I think was a chemical) and then 21st July was pregnant with Amelia s had no AF,BUT and a big BUT they got my dates wrong and all sorts nd wouldnt tke my word for when I fell and it resulted in having an amnio as I was always 2 weeks ahead on their dates so AFP Levels high at 14 weeks when they would have been normal had I been what I said and 12 weeks,just to confuse you lol

So if I was you I would wait til hving an AF first but if you really need to get on and get pregnant asap then this is understandable.

Good luck hun

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