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Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by malotkins, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Apr 18, 2010
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    My 6 week old up until last week was having about 90ml of forumla 6 times a day but we started to up this to 120ml as he seemed hungry more often. He weighed 7lb 15ozs at birth but this dropped to 6lb 13ozs. He has increased his weight and at his 6 week check on Friday he was 9lb 12ozs. However, he has dropped from 25% to 9% on the percentile chart since he was weighed 11 days earlier. The doctor advised me to feed him 180mls 6 times a day. However, this seems a huge amount he struggles with the 120mls as it is. We upped it to 150mls and it takes him two goes to finish it over an hour an a half, he has a sleep inbetween for about half an hour. Can I ask how often and how much your 6 week old LO are having? Thanks.
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    From 2 weeks my little one has been on 120ml every 3-4 hours and thats how it has stayed (she 4 weeks now) and i certainly can't see it going up anytime soon because she doesn't take the 120ml every time.
    She was 7lbs8oz at birth then went down to 6lbs13oz and at 3 weeks 4 days she was 9lbs 9oz.
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    My bubba will be six weeks tomorrow and I offer him 150ml at every feed. Often he finishes the bottle, but sometimes he leaves 20/30ml. He has 5 bottles of this per day. In the middle of the night he takes 60ml, last night he didn't wake up for this (although he stirred slightly at 4:30am, he never woke up). Hoping he might go through again tonight, but the milk is ready just in case!

    My LO weighed 7.3lb at birth and has gained roughly 0.5lb per week since.

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