How much milk does a tub make??

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by KimB1980, Jan 26, 2011.

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    We combi feed lo and have been using the ready made cow & gate cartons for the ff part.
    At the moment in tesco the small 200ml cartons are 59p (think that's the standard price in most shops) so is about 30p per 100ml. I was wondering how much cheaper, if any, the powder formula is - I've seen the tubs for £4 & £7.
    I'm a first time mum and have just used the ready made ones because that's what we used in hospital.
    Also do you think it could cause any problems switching to powder at 6months?

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    We use SMA, regular size tubs.
    Our LO is 7mths and does 8oz every 3hrs, 4 feeds a day.
    A tin lasts us about 6 days (not taking into consideration the little amounts made up daily for breakfast and cereals etc..) so much cheaper than cartons.
    I have seen some posts on here about babies knowing the difference between pre-made and powder and some refusing to switch, I guess you can only try...
    I know that the carton SMA is different, seems thicker, more yellow and smells stronger -I guess they have to preserve it with something x
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    I worked out a tub of aptimal costs 9.99 euro. This lasts a week. Individual cartons for a week would cost 69 cents x 6 (feeds per day) x 7 days = 28.98 euro. So the tubs are approximately 1/3 cheaper!
    The ready made cartons are still handier though....especially on a day out.

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