how to sort out my cycles

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by ducky1502, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Before my son my cycle was 30days but since coming off the pill to TTC they are 35-40 daya and I havent had a +opk or any ewcm. Anything I can do? I am taking a prenatal and plan to start epo. Anything else? :flower:
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    Vitex is suppossed to be good for regulating cycles.
    Im the same since I came off bcp my cycles have been very irregular. Ive been to the doc so im just waiting on blood tests to see if alls ok im also gettin an ultrasound too.
    Im taking vitex up to ovulation and then using progesterone cream for two and half weeks if I dont get a bfp I will stop using the cream and this should kick start my period due to the drop in hormones.

    If I get a bfp I will keep using the cream until I am 12 weeks and then Ill slowly wean myself off .
    Good luck x
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    How long have you been off the pill?

    I have a short LP and irregular periods since stopping in March.

    This month I started 100mg B complex and 20 drops of vitex tincture in water every morning and I've just got a positive OPK today CD11. Last month I O'd CD27 and month before CD19.

    Vitex it meant to take a while to work but something seems to have. Tincture is better than tablets, more effective and works quicker. Ideally 1:1 strength.

    Edit: I have checked with a qualified and practicing herbalist and you can take vitex all cycle from CD1. Ignore anything you read about only until ov or only from ov to AF or BFP. You do need to stop if you get your BFP though.

    Good luck

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