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Nov 12, 2006
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ive just given lily-mae weetabix for her supper, and it wasnt untill after she'd eaten it that i realised i had made it using cows milk, not her usual formula milk.

Shes almost 8 months old, will this harm her at all, i feel really dumb! :(
I personally don't think it will do her any harm! :D Can't you introduce cows milk at 9 months? :D
i have been given kacy cows milk with her breakfast since 6 months old the hv said it was fine
oh so i could swap her to cows milk now then? becuses thats the only milk she has. she wont have bottles anymore ans she screams if i put it in her cup. so the only thing i get formula for is for on her supper and breakfast
I think you can only give them cows milk as their only form of milk at 12-18 months. Can't remember what one it is! :D
cows milk can be used in cooking when they are 6 months old but formula should be their main milk until the age of 1. Otherwisde they won't get all the nutrients they need.
Beanie is right, cows milk in cooking is fine at 6 months, but she really should still have formular bottles untill 1 year at least. The reason being is untill the age of 6 months babies have a natural store of iron that they are born with. By 6 months this runs out which is why you get follow on milk designed for 6+ months, because this contains added iron. Iron deficiency is very common in infants so its really important for them to get a good source of it from somewhere. Inow give Noah Ovaltine in the evenings before bed cause he isnt on formula anymore, cause its high in iron and other essential vitamins and minerals.
its is best to give them formula till 1 year, but if she won't take it in her bottle and she'll take cows milk (i duno if you have homogenized milk there? 3.25%??) thats what we are told to put babies on here before we put them on 2% milk because the homo (hehe) milk has more fat in it for babies. anyways lol it won't hurt them to start it a bit younger alexis stopped drinking formula around 9 months she didn't want anymore to do with it and my dr said it is fine to put her on milk. better than her not drinking anything :D cows milk in cereal definitely won't hurt :D

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