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I want one ....


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Aug 31, 2006
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thats great!

what is it? i can't seeeeeeeee
think thats the toy some maddy man shot someone over in america trying to get the last one....going nuts over them apparently its the big toy for christmas, like buzz lightyear
:shock: Why do people ge so obsessed about things, I mean I want Jade to have what she wants (within reason) but I would never scream at someone for getting the last one, nevermind shoot them! :( First come first served amd cel le vie......she would have to have it later, better than nothing for god sake, people should be ashamed of themselves, there is much more to life!
i know, i thought it was a joke when someone told me til i read it in the paper...scary
Makes internet shopping look more inviting :wink:
Crikey!! You can order them from woolies for £35
I got one of these from my OH! Its well smart!

Kitty wasn't impressed though lol
chloe wud b scared of it probs....

ah well i wont!!! runs off 2 order 1

To be honest its not that fast ~ I think a child would find it quite funny with the giggles & talking.
lol we got her tumble time tigger and shes just used 2 it, and she has a walking blues clues, so mibbe shell b ok!!!
I saw one in toys r us on Friday, it is really cool!!
Hes well funny :twisted:

My desk has been hit with teddies & stuff :shock:

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