i want to hide until the new year...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by acdmommy, Dec 20, 2009.

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    the day before yesterday my hot water heater broke down and i cant get anyone out here to fix it for 2 more days, and that really sucks, i have 3 kids need to shower myself and dishes well that is another story all on its own.

    yesterday my washing machine breaks down i had to buy a new one, so there goes $570.00 just before christmas and the new one won't be here until Jan. 20th ugh!!!!

    today my oh accidentally locked the keys in our mini van while it was running and we had to get someone over here to open the door, there goes another $35.00 grrrrrr

    and then i was boiling water to do my dishes and my kettle EXPLODED!!!!!! when will this stop..... i can wait until may when my new LO gets here and i can safely live in the bliss of another miracle in a new town as we are moving right before baby is due, to be closer to a hospital

    to top it all off i feel like poop now, and i just want to feel great like i did a few days ago :cry:

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