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Christmas puddings Dec - Jan 25


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May 2, 2011
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Hi all

Yesterday i got a bfp 7 weeks after my miscarriage bleeding finished in March
This will hopefully be baby number 5
I have 3 from ivf (3 still frozen) 1 natural when I was 39 after 20 years of infertility.
We hadn't fully decided on having another and I thought when I was 41 I would start preventing , however, I then got a bfp 2 weeks after my 41st birthday, this ended in a loss at 6 weeks (also had a loss 7 years ago, both a blighted ovum)
Made us think we did want another and thought we would try a few.more months naturally before deciding If we would use a frozen embryo, deep down I don't think we would or will if this doesn't work out l, I've had enough of treatment.

Currently my children's ages are almost 2, 4, 6 and 8. 2 years 2 months between them all lol
3 girls and 1 boy

Hope others can join here soon, I will jeep testing here this week but need to get some more



I’m so glad to have a buddy! I’m currently pregnant with #4. I’m currently 8 weeks and due December 10th! My other kids are dd8, dd5, and ds3. All of them our either on or close to a holiday so of course we’ll add another one to the mix. Lol
Hi jules! I'm glad to have a buddy too, I just hope I get to stay. The Last loss has me worried but just trying to remember it's more likely to be OK than not

Your children's are nearly the same ages as mine my ds is 6 and the others are the girls ,hopefully he will have a brother lol, I don't mind either way but I do feel for him sometimes! My mum had 4 girls and 1 boy though so maybe I'm.destined for the same

Have you had any scans yet? How are your symptoms ?

I'm probably only 4 weeks and I think due around 6th Jan, on Sat when I tested I had some nausea after drinking coffee, this is normal for me in pregnancy but not until 6 or 7 weeks, it had stopped now and not noticing anything else. I do have a horrible viral cold though as the kids have all had it, sore throat, body achy, that generally feeling ill feeling, u don't mind a cold but when you feel crappie with it life is a struggle with 4 kids! I tend to carry on as normal though and just get some early nights. Dd3 doesn't sleep through, usually awake once for milk and then wakes up 6-7 at least with a bugger age gap this time 2.5 years she might be sleeping through by the time Jan comes!
Praying for the stickiest bean for you! I had a chemical the month before so I think it took some of that excitement away. It was hard for it to feel real because I didn’t want to get my hopes up.
Reflux and nausea with coffee was my first symptom! I drink the same thing every day and for 3 days it wasn’t sitting right so I went…hmmm. It was negative then I took another the next day and got a positive! I’ve had 2 scans so far. I was still very early so I’m not sure why they did them. The first one there was just a sac, no baby. I went 10 days later and there was a tiny baby with a heartbeat. I was measuring a few days behind though. I don’t have any more appts or scans til June.
I understand about the excitement not being there after a loss, although I also feel this is a second chance and feel so lucky to have another chance so soon
I will be so nervous for a first scan after the last time but that time I had bleeding so hopefully this time will just be a dating scan
How many people have you told? We haven't told anyone yet and I don't think I will at least u til I've had a scan and seen a heartbeat, with the loss my family knew and some friends then I had to tell them all about the miscarriage
I wasn't going to tell my mum last time but my sisters told my cousin and she told her mum, I didn't want her telling my mum before me or being the last to know so I told her, she had Hugh BP at the time and some anxiety so I didn't want to give her anything to worry about! Then I told one of the mutual ' mum'friends my sister and I have from playgroup and we go out with in thr eves sometimes and my sister had told her, I didn't mind her knowing but I was a bit annoyed as if it was anyone else pregnant I wouldn't be saying a word until they had themselves
Sorry for the rant haha, so basically I'm keeping quiet for now lol, oh the other thing my mum told her partner who does the maintenance at work in a care home, he came in the kitchen at work when one of the carers was in there and said 'I hear congratulations is in order ' seriously!! He told his wife who worked there as she mentioned it to the manager in front of the deputy! who told her she shouldn't be saying anything as they weren't meant to know
With my other 4 I have told family and some friends straight away but I want to do things differently this time, especially with my eldest being old enough to understand if she hears anything

I've really gone on about this haven't I sorry!

How are you?
I’m 8 weeks and did have the scan, but still haven’t “announced”. We told the kids, I told my mom, a select few people I work with, and a few people at church. I haven’t told my dad, in laws, all our friends, or any public announcements. I know my in laws might be a little negative because it’s our 4th and some other people might get judgy so I won’t say anything til I have to. Lol I want this to be a happy time and enjoy it the best I can. That’s why I love these forums! I can have my journals and other people to talk about it without any judgements. I know it’s a lot more quiet than it used to be, but I’m just glad it’s still up and running.
I was worried about people being judgy about number 5 but didn't actually have any negative comments after the loss pregnancy so feel bit better about it this time
It is so quiet here isn't it, I used to come on here alot before I started my ivf in 2014, I'm glad to see some familiar names, I feel like this is more private than fb groups which is probably why it's quieter here now I guess
I have been so lightheaded since last night, got up in the night for a wee and nearly went sideways , I'm hoping this is a pregnancy symptoms and a good sign

How are you?
Hi, hope you're OK
My lightheaded feeling has gone this morning, just got 1-2 on a digital, hoping this is OK. Last weds my clearblue 6 days early was negative so probably wasn't even a week before af due then, it was positive Saturday, so maybe last Thurs or Fri I was around 3 weeks and 4 weeks now. I've got another digital that I will save for next week if I can!
I’ve been good! Not much going on. Nausea has subsided a little. I’m just tired and my boobs have been sore…probably growing again. lol None of my bras fit.
We don’t have the weeks digitals here so I’m not sure how they work. Seems ok to me though!
Hi, I got 2-3 on a digital today, haven't got anymore left at the moment, I was going to wait a week before doing it but couldn't wait and glad I did as I now know it has progressed since Friday, it means 4-5 weeks
I've got a feeling I'm 4w5 days maybe going by when I had possible ovulation bleeding on cd18

I had a migraine yesterday morning, it wasn't a bad headache but the tiredness was unreal, feeling achy today like light period pain and lower back ache, makes me so paranoid!

How are you today?
Yay for digital progression! I have headaches too, I’m assuming the fluctuating hormones in the beginning.
I’m ok, just tired all the time. lol
Headaches are the worst aren't they, I like the forehead sticks and cool patches so I'll stock up on these tomorrow in preparation lol
Hi how are you?

My head has been awful since yesterday, luckily I did get the forehead stick and cool patches so been using them with paracetamol, I've had some shooting boob pain few days ago, bit more light headed, few episodes of nausea which is mostly when I have a drink of juice during the night.

I'm feeling hopeful it will be OK as with my loss I didn't have any symptoms at all and even this is early for me, I don't usually get nausea until 6 or 7 weeks

I sent my referral through to maternity Thursday, last time I done that they took 4 days to call to arrange any appointments but they can take up to 10 days

I'm hoping for an early scan, although not too early that I end up in limbo if there isn't a heartbeat yet.
The manager I work with is on hol from next Thursday and all thr following week so ideally a scan before Thursday would be good as I take over her role when she's not there

Hope you have a good weekend !
Um I'm sorry I'm joining this group but have no idea what to do. I hope I'm not crashing the party! (Or post!) I'm Donna,EDD 1/11 but normally go at 36wks,so possibly December. Anyway I have 3 daughters,8,6&4. There all amazing little girls and im insanely greatful to have them and be there mom- but being pregnant this time is really taxing on me this round and I'm so beyond tired it's not funny and I'm barely 5ish wks....I know I'm so lucky to be pregnant and I wouldn't give up my girls for the world....anyone else feel just.... overwhelmed and maybe slightly feeling guilty for being kinda snappy&I bit cranky with everyone. As I said that my 6yr old just threw up all the way into the bathroom:( She has the stomach flu from her germ school. Ugh. Back to urgent care tomorrow morning if the meds don't work:( arg!!! Stay safe mommies!
Hi angel and welcome!
I know the feeling, I'm feeling guilty about not having enough time for everyone, it's a busy household lol, but they are all so lucky to have each other and will have the nest lives together
I'm feeling so tired too, maybe just over 5 weeks , waiting anxiously for a call and maybe a scan if they will do one

Hope everyone has a good day!
AngelMom- You def aren’t crashing! I’m happy to see some more people joining!
This is my 4th too and I’m so so tired too. I feel like I could fall asleep in the middle of the day then when it’s time for bed I can’t sleep. It’s a vicious cycle. There’s def a lot less resting and napping when it’s not your first.
AFM- I’m 10 weeks tomorrow. I still have 3 weeks til my next appt. The first few weeks are always so long!
Hi ladies. I started spotting last night and it got worse this morning. Got in for a u/s and baby stopped growing 2 weeks ago. I’m gutted. Wishing you ladies a happy and healthy pregnancy!
Oh jules, I'm so so sorry, heartbroken for you, we're here if you need to talk along with the other bnb ladies who will be thinking of you ❤️

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