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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by ashley_s_411, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Hi Ladies!!

    I've decided to come back to babyandbump! Back in February I had a miscarriage, which put a HUGE damper on my relationship. May 1st we decided that I should start back up on birth control (mainly my idea).

    My doctor put me on tricyclenlo, but the entire month the pill made me so darn miserable and emotional! My period came on the thursday (May 26th) of the sugar pills and lasted until that following monday (May 30th).

    I talked with the hubby about how unhappy I was on the pill, and we decided that instead of TTC we should NTNP. He gets really upset when we always talk about pregnancy, especially after the miscarriage, and he says when it happens it happens. So I've decided that I'm not going to bug him a lot about it, and I'm going to stick to the TTC forums on my own :)

    Here's a little history. After 5 years, I stopped taking the birth control pill in June 2010. After that, we used no form of birth control, and didn't have any luck until this past February. I knew something was up in Feb, so I took a HPT. Both turned up positive, but after, any test I took came back negative.

    My doctor sent me for a bloodtest, and it came back as inconclusive (hcg levels between 5-25). A week after I started bleeding heavily with extreme cramps and stomach ache and pains. I went to the hospital to find out I was miscarrying. They were unable to find out how far along I was, due to having very irregular periods after stopping the pill.

    So after taking a month of the BCP in May, I didnt continue taking a new pack. The 30th I stopped bleeding, two days later a little blood, and today I started bleeding dark red. I'm just assuming this is withdrawal bleeding due to not continuing the pill.

    I really want to start tracking my cycle, but I'm not to sure how to. I'm not interested in taking OPK's, because I don't want to become to obsessive. Any ideas where I should start?

    Thanks ladies!
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    Good luck:hugs:

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