im so confused!!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Club' started by pictureperfec, Jun 7, 2011.

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    right, statutory maternity, maternity allowence and mat b1!!

    ive handed in my MAT B1 form to work.. but ive not filled in anything to do with statutory maternity pay.. now i dont think im able to get SMP due to long term illness.. so.. i need to fill in my SMP form, then get the SMP1 back in order to apply for maternity allowence? is this right?

    im sooo confused!!

    where do i get the form for SMP? i know i can fill in my maternity allowence form online and send it off but i need my other bits first!
    ohhdear.. i thought my midwife might have helped me with all this with it being my first and all that but no :( ive been left to it feeling thoroughly confused and stuck! :(

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    Ok i think i get you.

    so i got my matb1 from midwife i then handed this to my HR department at work - they did there bit and sent me the matb1 from and smp1 form back to me. I then filled in the mat allowence form and sent in my matb1 and smp1 along with wage slips and that was it - i didnt need to fill anything else out
    Also when you send in your matb1 form to your HR department they will tell you if you entitled to smp - if you not just do what i said above

    hope this helps :flower:

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