Inactivated typhoid vaccine and malaria tabs

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Club' started by j3ss, Nov 18, 2011.

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    I am traveling to Tanzania at the end of December to visit my husband's family, attend his brother's wedding, and do other awesome stuff. We have been planning this trip for over a year, and the pregnancy was a happy surprise but complicates things a bit.

    I have been to Tanzania twice before and so am up on all of the necessary vaccines except typhoid. My doctor says there haven't been any good studies on how safe this vaccine is during pregnancy, although obviously the inactivated vaccine should be safer than the live one.

    Malaria is endemic in Tanzania, so I will need to go on mefloquine (Lariam). It is the safest of the 3 malaria meds for this country, but I am still awfully hesitant to take it. But I think I probably will since getting malaria would be much worse for the baby and me.

    If any of you have had the typhoid vaccine or taken mefloquine during pregnancy, I would love to hear your stories and recommendations. Both typhoid and malaria are very real threats - my father-in-law had typhoid earlier this year, and my husband can't even count how many times he got malaria growing up.
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    My family is originally from a tropical country and several pregnant family members have taken malaria pills while visiting. They had no side effects.

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