Insomnia!!! Arrrrrrggghhh!!!


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Apr 20, 2008
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Last night i dozed maybe from 11-12.30 and then nothing until about 3.30am! I tossed and turned, tried making myself more comfortable with more pillows, relegated the OH to the sofa (so i had more room and less snoring! lol) tried deep breathing/relaxing techniques - but still i lay wide awake for hours, even though i was absolutely exhausted. :hissy: ended crying on OH's shoulder thismorning just because i want some sleep.
Anyone else suffering? And more importantly do you have any tips i can steal???? :devil: lol
ME!! I get a total of about 2-4 hours sleep each night. And im not joking this has been happening for weeks a walking zombie. Last night i slept from 11-12 then me hips were killing me so ran a bath, got in it sat for an hour got out. back to bed at 1.30 lay till about 4 got an hours kip then up again for more pain killers, took dogs to toilet back in bed about 6 then slept till 7ish and up only about 3 hours or sat here will go back for an hour or 2 later once more pain killers kick in but if they dont thats me for the day......Exhausted is not the word for it.....spoke to midwife many times about it, and have been told basically "DEAL WITH IT" so no words of advice here just hope it eases for your soon :hug: XxxX
:hugs: I dont think there is anything you can do about it, except the normal things.. that you just did :( Hope you start sleeping again soon hun!
I know exactly how you feel and it's sooo frustrating :( Last night I woke up at about 5ish and just lay there until about 7:30. Just as I was about to give up and get up I managed to drop off for another hour!!

I'm just so tired all the time :sleep:, but luckily with being on maternity leave I can nap in the afternoons.

Hope you sleep better tonight!!

Thanks girls, i think i may just have to make my peace with the fact that i'm not going to be sleeping well before or after the birth! :cry::sleep:

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