Is it possible to get up a stock exclusively expressing?

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by 3011busyyear, Jun 4, 2011.

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    So I've posted in baby club about my experience of bf, and how I don't know if I can even find it in me to try again with a second baby (we are planning to ttc in the autumn). Unless she latches perfectly and I have no pain or supply issues or blocked ducts or mastitis or engorement etc etc then I can already see myself giving up. I know it's unlikely I will not have some issues so I'm not sure I even want to try tbh, I know that sounds like a cop out but I was so traumatised and didn't bond properly with LO for the first 3months or so.

    I don't want to jump straight to formula though so I was thinking about exclusively expressing from the start. I did this for 6weeks last time and found it easy, convenient and painless. I only stopped because I was also trying to bf and doing some ff also and it got too much doing all 3. If I just focussed on expressing every couple of hours with a double pump and got hubby doing the feeds, cooking, cleaning where possible is it possible to build up a supply so I can keep going for longer? I know it's hard work but despite the bf cop out I do still want to give my future LO the best start.
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    I've been expressing since my lo was about 6 weeks old for numerous reasons... I managed to build a stock up at the beginning because I had an oversupply and it took about 3/4 months to level out. Then at around 4/5 months my lo had a massive growth spurt which lasted around 3 weeks and I was just unable to keep up with his demand, let alone build up an additional supply.

    However, since weaning I have been able to start building up my freezer stash again, as his milk intake has dropped significantly now.

    Happy to answer any questions. Oh, and I really understand about wanting to give your lo the best start but feeling really wary about even attempting to bf next time round. I feel very similarly. In fact, I sometimes think it puts me off even trying for another child.

    Anyway, you never know, it might just all work out for you second time round. There are a number of ladies on here who had a terrible time first time round and a very healing much better time second time round.



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