January/ February Snowflakes 2024

Wow 13 days so exciting!! It's all going so fast!!
@Laurabub84 would love to hear updates on you and Charlie hope you are both doing well x
Im feeling huge too!! Can't remember if I posted my 25 week bump pic so here it is again. I'm 27 weeks now though nearly third tri! And feeling the strain on my ankles lol

@josephine3 cute bump, I consider 27 weeks 3rd trimester. Your pregnancy is s flying by, I still remember having a similar cycle as you in the testing thread.
Aww thanks ladies it's really flying by!! I need to put baby prep on hold a bit and do Xmas prep though! How ready is everyone feeling? X
Josephine3: hooray for 27 weeks!!

As for Christmas, I only have 2 more people to shop for, a couple of presents to wrap and I will be done. I usually start shopping in October so I have time to not stress and be thoughtful about gifts.

As of today, my baby boy will be born in 31 days via C-section if my body stays away from preterm labor. Crazy!!!!
@littlewitch looking good great bump!! Happy 35 weeks!! I'm so confused over my weeks without a ticker but I think I'm 28 tomorrow lol. I fell over on the school run today, thankfully landed on my knees, ripped my leggings which I'm cross about as I only have a couple of pairs that are comfy and I literally found them having a sort out yesterday, first time I wore them today! My knee is all bloody but it could have been worse. Scared me a bit though!
@josephine3 glad you're ok! I'd be gutted about the leggings too. Finding things that are comfortable are a nightmare.
Glad it was just a scraped knee. Though it's a shame to lose a good pair of leggings. My leggings are starting to dig into me, the pants are getting limited.
Hi ladies. Hope everyone’s doing well. Just a quick update from me. We finally got home yesterday on day 12. Charlie’s doing so much better now. He’s taking all his feeds himself and we’re managing more breastfeeds too. I was worried that was going to be something I’d have ended up missing out on and I know that would have really upset me with him being my last. The nurses on nicu were absolutely amazing. The whole experience has opened my eyes to how many babys are born premature and can actually do really well despite that. When I was first told they wanted to break my waters and he was going to be born at only 34 weeks I was terrified. I thought he’d be on a ventilator for his breathing and that he’d be really poorly. They said to expect him to be in hospital until his due date. But he’s done amazing. I was able to have him with me the whole time. He lost more weight than they were happy with and needed treatment for jaundice a few times which is why we were in so long. Was so hard being away from my other children but they all done so well with it all. I can’t believe he’ll be 2 weeks old tomorrow already. I should have been 36+2 today. My emotions have been up and down and I’m still waiting for those baby blues to hit me. I’m trying not to dwell on losing the final weeks of my last pregnancy as I want to stay feeling content with him being my last but I keep getting waves of sadness coming and going. I think once things have settled it may hit me but I’m doing ok at the moment enjoying constant newborn snuggles. He’s still a dinky 5lbs 12oz so has that little bit further to go to get back up to his birth weight. I’m still needing to catch up on all the sleep I lost over these last couple of weeks but other than that alls really well. Will add a few more pictures. I will try to keep checking back in and I can’t wait to start seeing the baby announcements soon. Things are just very busy at the moment so I’ve not really had the chance to sit and log on

@Laurabub84 he's so precious! Glad your both doing well and hope you can catch up on some sleep now your not in the hospital. My mom had me at 33 weeks and I've heard stories of her experience with the NICU. I know it's a rough start but preemie babies at that gestation do really well.
Oh my goodness he is so little and adorable. That's amazing that he's already home at 12 days old :cloud9: what a fighter
Thought I'd check in here. I'm 31 weeks. Baby seems to be doing well despite his head being in the 3rd percentile and measuring small. I'm very anemic and exhausted and so ready to be done being pregnant. I'm 37 too which doesn't help. Not long to go now ladies!

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