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@josephine3 congratulations hun. He is gorgeous. Hope your recovering well and can’t wait to read your birth story
I so wish I could find the time to update with the birth story! I still can't believe he's really here, I just love him so much... He's sleeping fairly well at night but does not want to be put down in the day so finding it hard to get much done. Trying to remind myself to rest and not rush this time. It's all I've wanted for so many years now I just need to enjoy the snuggles. Here's some more pics to tide you guys over until I get to write the birth story lol



Do you take any vitamins? If so, which ones? I understand that my sister has already given birth and she needs a lot of strength. You need to look for something at Canadian Pharmacy, but maybe you know what exactly every woman needs after giving birth. I will be very grateful for the answer
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Hey ladies sorry for the silence hope you are all well. Baby Jasper is keeping me busy! 2 weeks old tomorrow!! I have started the birth story on a word document so I can keep picking it up when I get chance as it kept vanishing from here when I tried to add to it. I will get to it soon I hope!
He had only lost 80g at his 5 day heel prick appt (4oz) which they said was amazing for a breast fed baby so looking forward to finding out how much he weighs at the health visitor on Tuesday x
@josephine3 that's great! Looking forward to reading your birth story when you get around to it.

Everleigh and I are doing good though been frustrating. AF returned this week and milk supply took a hit so had a cranky baby for a couple days. Thankfully it's coming back now.
Hey everyone :) how are we all getting on? Cody is 20 weeks old now. I can't believe how fast its going! Only about 6 weeks until we start weaning. He's a happy baby who doesn't cry a lot. He's started rolling and laughing :lol:20240508_144223.jpg
Muriel is 4 months and 3 days old (I have no idea how many weeks lol)
She took is such a happy girl who very seldom cries and she loves sleep.
We still contact nap
She's not rolling yet, but with so many older siblings who are always clamoring to hold her, she honestly doesn't get very mu h floor time in which to practice lol. She is a very adored baby.

Everleigh is 14 weeks old. She's way more laid back than my oldest. Not rolling yet but she's trying hard. She's been sleeping through the night good now too.


Ahh look at them all. I miss you guys! I love the picture on your crochet blanket @NDH I see you finished it!
Jasper will be 9 weeks old tomorrow! At his 6-8 week check the doctor says hes getting a flat head from favouring one side so I'm trying to work on that with him but he's stubborn and likes to flip it back!


Lovely pictures ladies. Lovely to see some updates from you all. Charlie’s now 5 1/2 months. Almost half a year already. It’s going way too fast for me. He’s now sleeping through the night which is lovely but I think he’s teething now as he’s dribbling loads and is constantly after his fists. One concern I have is that he poops just once a week. I’ve been to the doctors and the health visitor a few times about it but because his tummy is soft and he’s showing no distress with it they don’t seem bothered about it. Am I wrong or is that just not right for a baby to go that long? None of my others were ever like this. He’s formula fed as breastfeeding didn’t work out which I’m still so so sad about. I just don’t think it’s normal that he’s going every 7-8 days at a time. Other than that he’s doing so great considering the start he had. You’d never think by looking at him he was a preemie. It’s scary to think how huge he would have been had I gone full term. Loving every moment with him
As for myself, I am already so broody again. I really wish I wasn’t because Charlie has be my last. I felt so content throughout ttc and my pregnancy that he was the last one. I knew I would get broody again but I really hoped it wouldn’t be bad and I could just accept that doors closed now but I can’t. I’ve cried loads about it in private. I could never tell dh how I’m feeling. He keeps saying he needs to get booked in for a vasectomy but he’s yet to actually do it. I don’t think he really wants it done but he’s that worried about me getting pregnant he pulls out even using a condom. I think he’s being ridiculously over the top about it, to the point it’s really bothering me and I can’t enjoy being intimate with him at the moment because that’s the times he brings up getting the snip and as I know I’ll never be ready for him to make things permanent I get upset, but I can’t show him that I’m upset as he has no idea how I feel about it. I just don’t say anything back and my heart drops when he says it so of course it instantly kills the mood for me. The thought of the day he decides to book that appointment breaks my heart. It’s making me well up just typing it. I don’t want to feel this way anymore but I think I just need to accept I’ll always feel broody for another. It didn’t help that I lost the last 6 weeks of my last pregnancy and that I didn’t get to breastfeed like I really wanted to. I was only successful in breastfeeding one out of the six so I really wanted it to work out this time. Also that I’m turning 40 next month and knowing my time is running out. I’m so lucky to have had 6 children and I feel so horrible feeling this way when some women don’t even get to have one child. I feel I really have no right to feel this way but I can’t shut it off. Really wish I could turn off this feeling. I can’t imagine my life without a little one to care for. I’m trying to treasure every moment with Charlie but times speeding by. It’s like he has growth spurts overnight. I’m not ready for this time to be over yet :cry:
@Laurabub84 I'm really struggling with Cody being my last too. It isn't a definite no from DH but we would have a lot of extra expense new house, car etc plus I've already had 4 csections so it's a risk. He's such a wee sweetheart he isn't helping lol he's making me want another even more! I think the big thing making us consider another is the big age gap with the older kids and Cody not having a similar aged sibling. There's a lot of cons but I can't bring myself to accept he's the last.
@Laurabub84 Does he poop a lot on the day he poops or just once? When he does poop does he have to strain a lot? My second daughter was a once a week pooper and we stayed home on poop day cause she pooped 6-8+ times.
She was totally chill and u bothered by pooping so infrequently.
I k ow the experts say pooping less than once a day isn't normal, but I think it can be. Certainly it can be unconcerning anyway, and as Charlie doesn't seem at all uncomfortable, I wouldn't be worried.
Muriel on the other hand gets so cranky if she doesn't poop for just one day. The most she's gone was 4 days once and she was so miserable.

Sorry you are still feeling so broody and your husband isn't on the same page about it at all.

I feel really content with Muriel being our last still. My husband, on the other hand, keeps making comments that make me think he might want another. He hasn't scheduled a vasectomy get either, as he had said he would.
If we had gotten the 12 passenger van I had wanted then there *might* have been room to decide on one more , but we got an 8 passenger SUV at his insistence so every seat is full.

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