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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by 1plus1equals3, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Today my LO got his 2 month shots, and we've had a very rough day because of them. Im a stay at home mom and im with my LO every second of every day.. Dont get me wrong, I love spending every minute with my baby, He's my whole world.

    Well its 11pm here and my OH decided to walk off on me and go to sleep because he made me cry and isnt man enough to make me smile.

    I had absolutely no sleep last night cause LO didnt feel like sleeping, and a super hard day today.

    Im sick of being treated this way, expecially when we're supposed to be getting married next month. Im a very good woman and mother, I'm the one who is up with the baby every night, no matter how tired i am. Im with him all day, and I never get 10 minutes to myself. Im on prozac because of "post partum" but the real reason im on it is because of how little support i get from OH.

    Im feeling pretty down right now, while im down stairs taking care of our child, hes in bed sleeping. It really makes me feel like he's taking advantage of me. Im sick of being told to "stop bitching" or "OMG, shut up" when all im asking for is for us to spend a few minutes together since he works all day long. I dont diserve to be treated this way, I diserve to be loved and appreciated, not to cry and feel like im doing something wrong... All i feel like doing right now is crying but i know that would just make my night worse. I cant tell him how im feeling cause he doesnt wanna hear it, and makes me feel worse for feeling bad in the first place. Is it that wrong to feel needed, appreciated??? I love my LO more than anything, and I know he'll love me no matter what. I can always make him smile & he does the same for me. I dont understand why my OH doesnt care anymore... He used to wipe my tears when i cried, not just tell me to shut up and walk away... I dont know how to feel right now, i just needed to get that off my chest...

    Im sorry for the rant :(
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    Hardly an uncalled for rant, and from the sounds of it a very valid reason to be letting off steam about your situation. :hugs:

    Sounds like you and your man need to sit down and talk about things, ASAP, before it's beyond it being any help. Maybe consider stalling getting married until this situation is worked out? You definitely don't want to end up in a "legal contract of union" if this kind of treatment becomes the norm. I made that mistake, and though now I'm separated, I am still technically "married", as my divorce isn't finished yet.

    Mind you I'm not saying leave, but see if the situation can be better coped with by discussion first, and then if not, well...

    This is NOT acceptable. Period. Yes, he works and is taking care of you financially, but you have every right to vent your frustrations just as much as he would. Your stress is not any smaller because you stay at home, just different. Don't tolerate this for a second, as it is very much emotionally abusive.

    G'luck to you, and I hope your OH and you are able to work things out... :flower::flower:

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