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keep seeing weird lights/sparks???


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Jan 27, 2008
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lol now i no this sounds strange but like title says i keep seeing weird lights only way i can describe it is u no those sparklers u can get on fire work night well its like someone has jus waved one right infront of my face then moved it and i look and see the remainder sparks etc....

Its really weird...has any1 else experienced this or know wat it could be???
you should get this checked babe, it can be a symptom of pre eclampsia i believe, although not on it's own.

hmm, u need to get it checked then..it happened to me but it was because i was gettin dry eye and deposits on my contacts lol..sooner you get it looked at the betta tho!x
well i got a scan and consultant app 2mo shud i jus mention it to him xx
They mite be 'floaters', they can indcate the onset of Pre-Eclampsia. It will definatly need checking.

V x x x
It is a sign of high blood pressure, which can lead to pre-eclampsia, however, unless you are overweight it usually isn't as much of a concern...

I would get it checked out, but in the meantime, make sure you arn't doing too much to raise your BP... And if you see spots like that make sure you go and lay down so you can lower your BP.
well bp was 130/70 i think today what ever that means duno if that high or low lol and yer i am overwight and i gots gestational diabetes if that any help x
well bp was 130/70 i think today what ever that means duno if that high or low lol and yer i am overwight and i gots gestational diabetes if that any help x

That isnt terribly high... That is what my BP went up to, it has always been 105/60 range and all of a sudden at 30weeks it shot up to the 130/70 range... GD tests show I have it, and I have a family history of diabetes...

But my baby is measuring small and I havent put on enough weight to worry... sooo go figure.

My doctor told me the high BP and visual disturbances were from stress/too much activity and she made me stop work early.
Floaters is the name of the flashing things that you said u have been seein in front of ur eyes.

I wudnt say ur BP was too high mine is about 110/70 but mention all this at your appt as you may need sum extra monitoring.

HTH :hug:

V x x
def mention it to your consultant, do you have any headaches or swelling?
I to had this hun.I've had a check up and it's just one of those things as i have no other symptoms.Please get it checked anyway. xx
lol wat on earth is "floaters" ?? xx

LOL well what version of floater do you want!!! When i read that i had a look of disgust on my face!!! then a little smirk, like you get when your a bid kid and someone says a naughty word!!
bp sounds ok to me, depends on what it normally is, if the bottom number starts going up to 100 and over then you've prob got a problem. But i had pre-eclampsia and bp never went very high. Did they check your protein levels?
I've had this occasionally - I think it might be a fluctuation in your BP if generally its ok. My BP is about the same as yours and as everyone has said 130/70 is fine.

Just mention it when you go. x
Hope all is ok hun, let us know how you get on.

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