Light pink spotting???


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Sep 22, 2008
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1st Period after ERPC, very odd and just won't go away

My concern is that there might be an infection,
or what if :witch: won't go away is because I have got scaring from the operations. I could just cry at the thought.

I got my first period last week Monday 22 Sept and it was light the first day and then really really heavy unil last Thursday and now the spotting won't go away.

Question is, it is now Wednesday 1st Oct and I am still spotting on and off (it is a soft pink colour) and I have been praying that I will ovulate and hoping that I may even concieve this month.

How long was your first period? Did yours arrive and then just leave or did yours also continue to spot for a while after?

And most importantly, do you think it is at all possible to concieve this month?
I'm afraid I can 't give you any answers but might be worth giving your doctor a call to ask what you should expect? It's usually possible to conceive the next month though.

I'm so sorry for your loss :hugs: x
Thanks Sam's Mum. I have spoken to the nurse at the gynea's room and she said I must come in for a visit with the gynea if it hasn't gone away before Friday. Hope it is gone before then, these doctors bills are adding up.
Hi DebsHopeful, sorry to hear about your loss and hope you are doing ok.
This happened to me had my ERPC in May, 1st AF almost 7 weeks later, 2 weeks after AF spotted for 2 weeks everyday until 2nd AF arrived. I went to the doctor and he said that it's common for your hormones to be all over the place after a m/c. After my 2nd AF it all settled down, no more bleeding plus I got pregnant that month .....though sadly I've just lost that one too.
Try not to worry and hopefully you will get your BFP soon
Big hugs:hug:
Hi hun. If you are concerned about residual products leftover from your surgery, have the doctor check your bhcg levels. My doctor tracked mine back down to zero (through bloodwork), which took approx 1 month, about the same time as my first period arrived.

I'm not too sure what others have experienced, but it took four months for me to get my body back on track. I had residual products leftover and an infection, after my d&c. My bleeding had not stopped and was accompanied by huge (make you pass out) cramps and large silver coloured clots. I was sent for a second surgery eleven days after the first surgery. I'm not sure if this is why my body took so long to recover or not.

I know that it is not the same for everyone. My guess would be that your body has not fully recovered from your ERPC, and it may take another period to get back on track. To me what you are going through sounds perfectly normal. But I'm not a doctor. Your body has been through a traumatic stress, and doesn't know what the heck is going on. You have to build up your lining again. Hopefully it returns to normal after this period, and you will ovulate (you prob even ovulated before your period arrived. some girls get pregnant without waiting for their first period). I remember that my first period was a little longer and heavier than it had been before I was pregnant; and I used to have a 28 day cycle (turned to a 31 day cycle for 4 months after my surgeries, just returned to normal).

I'm glad to hear that you're getting checked out by your doctor. Take care of yourself. :hug:
Hi TillyMum & Todteach,

Thank you both so much for your input.

Relieved to know that this is most probably completely normal. Can't help but get stressed since like Todteach I had to have two operations for the one pregnancy.

The gynea who did the D&C left a large amount of plecenta inside me and 4 weeks post operation my HCG count was a wopping 124,000.

I went to a second gynea and he did a ERPC to remove the remaining products.
My HCG count was 8.5 two weeks post op so I am quite confident that my problem won't be due to remaining product but fear it could be an infection or worse...scaring which could make it harder to get pregnant again.

Again, thank you so much for your input. You are right I will probably have to wait until my next AF for things to get back to normal.

Our last baby was concieved with AI and it looks like the next one will have to be as well.
Best wishes to you both and sorry again for you losses.
I went to the gynea yesterday and he said that the reason for the light pink spotting was it was still my period. He reckons the first week of bleeding was probably just my body getting rid of the remaining blood from the operation and this past week was my actual period.

He was also able to tell me that I have three healthy looking follicles and that based on the size of the follicles, I am probably going to ovulate on CD16 or CD17.
Lucky he told me this other wise I would have thought it was this weekend and perhaps not tried to fit :sex: in as much next week as I will need to.
Glad to hear it's all sorting itself out, and great that your gynae spotted you are ov'ing, wishing you a :bfp: in a couple of weeks time xx
Glad to hear that everything is back on track for you. So glad that you went back to the doctor. Best of luck hun! :hugs:

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