Littlewoods Laptops!!

Added you & will be on later! :D

I edietd your address though so its not picked up by email programs for spam :D
Yvanne said:
ok im a little confused n scared!! on my order it now says 2 x the micosoft software thingy shud i cancel it?? i never got a conformation email confirming these just an email saying tht i got my credit account now these things r still on order :?

Hels I spoke to the guy I mentioned ..... Here is a copy & paste of the MSN convo x

**** says:
Well, if it were me who'd recieved the software instead of the laptops I'd be delighted (nope I've not flipped ) alot of people have been talking about the fact that until the good are delivered a contract has not been formed - in sending the software they have concluded the deal and formed the contract of sale..............

**** says:
Now you may say ''well so what, she wanted laptops she got software'' the point is that they have accepted the order for laptops as per their T's and C's but then delivered something different.................

**** says:
If I can link it to my own field - it would be like me offering lobster salad for £1.99, taking the orders and money, then serving pilchards instead!

**** says:
yep, well if it was me (but bear in mind I'm an arguementative old buzzard) I'd send a recorded del letter stating they have sent goods she did not order, that they have formed a contract in sending the goods - just that it's the wrong goods. maybe give them 21 days to arrange collection of software (she is under no obligation to post it back as it was unsolicited) and tell them that if..........

**** says:
the laptops are not fourthcoming she will open a case via the small claims court

Wobbles says:
if under no obligation to send back does that mean they can't charge her for them? Or am I being dumb

**** says:
nope, they are wrong to have charged cause she didn't order the software - could be worth also stating that any invoices showing a charge for software will be ignored - and possibly used as evidence in any future court action

Wobbles says:
An all this is legal

**** says:
yup, well yup any court action or the retaining of the unsolicited goods by her is all legal - but Littlewoods have broken The Sale of Goods Act 1979 by forming a sales contract and then not sticking to it

He said he is willing to signup & give you any more advise if needed or I can copy & paste like above.

Wobbles you are a star!
I got a statement say outstanding balance is £0.00
catalogue No (will check this later) PR4277,
Description - Microsoft office and student - £2898.00 - Direct from manufacturer
*total value of items to be charged £298.00
LOL, guess what the product code is???
Thats right...its just the sofware! It is £149.99 :shock: just for that!
Ill be contacting them by letter as phone is a nightmare.
I have my em\ail saying i have ordered Lap tops though, NOT software.
Hels this guy sent me this today:

**** said:

Hope you've had a good weekend?

You may want to C&P the last four posts found at the link below onto your site for the girl who recieved the software to read.
Kinda reinforces what I said and looks like she'd have a very strong case!

Read that page lol

Not sure whats worth your while at the moment Hels - Some people say leave it I know I wouldn't :idea: Risk of being charged too - Watch your statement & your bank can refund the money anyway under 'dispute'!

I wont be leaving it Wobbles! Thank you to you and your friend for the advice!
I feel pretty much like thi person, and we are both in the same position, recieved software, Interest Free Credit etc

dont think so - but to argue your arguement - i didnt get a cancellation so point 6 doesnt apply. and im not stressing anything so life is ok. im not losing sleep over it - im just sitting tight and seeing what the outcome is. i dont have anything to lose as i said before. if it all fails they can have it back, ive not paid anything as it was on interest free and my philosophy is - if you dont ask then you dont get! and guess what - if i succeed - some of you will be pig sick! and if i fail - well you can all tell me 'i told you so' and i'll agree!!
Well I have finally got through to Littlewoods!
they were very snotty to say the least....I guess after 5000 callers re the same offer they will be :D

They said that they had put a picture of the lap tops in place of the picture of the software....Not true, they had a full description of the Lap Top and pictures.

They said that i need to return the software, I said yes no problem, but at a time that suits me, hey what to you know, they dont work evenings ror weekends.

They told me it was my perogative to contact TS and i did.

I was told that I need to write to them and explain that as per T&C's they have formed a contract with me ((((Your order will be accepted by us (and a contract will then be formed between us) when we despatch the goods to you. Title to the goods will pass to you on delivery.)))) As they have part delivered my order.
She did say that although they havent taken money from me, they have reduced my credit limit, so in effect they have. If they do not send laptops then I am able to persue loss of bargain.

But ........Whilst it is our intention to keep our website up to date and error free, product description or pricing errors may occur. If we discover such an error after you have submitted an order to us, we will contact you prior to accepting your order with the correct details. You may then either cancel your order or re-confirm it based on the correct information. If we are unable to contact you, we will treat your order as cancelled.
They didnt send me an email to inform me of their error.

So ill write them a letter, and see what the out come is, they will probably tell me to persue loss of bargin, knowing what a hassle it would be :roll:
Sorry to rant on!!! It will be of benefit for me to look back on this post too!

Sorry again!!
LOL if that all fails look out for me on WATCHDOG :D

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