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Magic medicine advice needed


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Sep 10, 2006
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I have bought some cough medicine on sell out in tescos and it contains guefesin (sp!!) its Meltus Dry cough.

Do i just take it as per instructions 3x daily or one dose?? can any one advice as i am going to try it next month if no luck this month..

Will mean another august baby!! but don't want the age gap getting too big - if nature will allow.
Erm is majic med stuff with Glycerin in it???? :oops:

REALLLLLLLY thick when it comes to this stuff and i have a cough with that stuff in it an i is a bit worried now lol!!!
its Guaifenesin/Guaiphensin the ingredient that you need, it thins mucus.
Confused!! ... the ingredient you need is what AG said .... but that should only be in a medicine for chesty coughs ... an 'expectorant' ... dry cough medicine isn't an expectorant and so doesn't normally have Guaifensin in it!? I'd check the label carefully if I were you ... make sure that is the only active ingredient .....
i have read the label and that is whats in it.

is is best to take all the way through your cycle?
OK cool....

Best to start a few days before ov .....
I used the same medicine Hypnorm.

Took it from around Day 9 of cycle and I just took it twice a day morning and late afternoon as it's awkward taking medicine at work with people around and no cough :oops:

Don't really know if it worked as I generally had a fair amount of CM anyway but I got a BFP that month.

Charm X
Cough medicine helps you conceive? :shock:
The magic ingredient is supposed to thin your CM making it easier for the sperm to swim.
The nurse noticed when i was charting that my ovulation and egg white mucus didnt quite time in together, so hopefully the cough medicine will work! fingers X!!
I know what you mean about it being awkward at work MrsE!! I'm at work from 8am to 7pm ... so it's really hard to take it during the day ... I'm swigging it in the car .... and under my desk in secret :rofl:

I stopped taking it a couple of days ago cos I had no signs of ovulation (I'd been taking it for 2 weeks by then) .. and I'd decided I wasn't going to ovulate! But I just got a + on my OPK .... so I'm going to swig some today and tomorrow and hope for the best!!

Do you think it's too late now!? Ie does it take time to build up?!

Hope it works for you hun! x

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