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makes me laugh


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Sep 25, 2006
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stupid doctors,mate went to doctors yesterday for her frst booking in,it was a doctor she hadnt seen before doctor yogi :lol: she knew it was going to be trouble as soon as she heard the name,

she told him she was pregnant,
"oh right,im more concerned about your health, i want blood tests done,never mind pregnancy ones," :lol:
she told him she already has 2 children,
he said "so who's is this one"
to which she said its my hisbands obviously"
then he asked her if shes ever been slim.

then when he aske what hospital she wanted the baby at he asked why not our local hospital, bearing in mind its now a community hospital and hasnt had a birth there in over 10 years :shock:

he then admite he didnt know what he was doing with the paper work so asked her to fill in her notes for herself.

ive told her to write a letter to the practice manager to make a complaint as he doesnt have a clue and his whole attitude is rather discerning,what do yo think
OMG! :shock:

Yes, definitely complain. That's completely out of order! I'm in shock that the doc actually asked who the father was!!!! :shock: I think I'd have smacked him and then blamed it on the hormones! :lol:
Crikey - Sounds like my GP - Useless & of no knowledge :twisted:

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