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    hello im new to this site.
    i had my son frankie a year ago without knowing i have (pcos) got pregnant with him with 2 weeks of trying "woow".
    after having frankie me and my husband wanted another baby but nothink was happening no periods no nothink:wacko:
    went for a scan confirmed i had (pcos) big smack in the face:growlmad:
    got reffered to a gin.. put me on (north)to start periods then 50mg of clomid to start me going for 2 months went for scans not working so put me on 500mg of metformin for 2weeks then up the dose.
    no ovulation no nothink for 3months.
    now im on 2000mg metformin and 150mg clomid got blood test done last friday and yaaaaah its working im ovulating:happydance:..x
    fill like i have bin waiting for soo long because i got pregnant with frankie so qwick never thought i would have anything wrong with me.
    the best thing i can advise is take things slowly and try be happy with what your taking it works:winkwink:

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