Methotrexate bleeding

Discussion in 'Gestational Complications' started by JOdin2022, May 2, 2022.

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    I would be grateful if anyone could assist. I had had ectopic previously but ended up in emergency surgery and complete tube removal on the left side many years ago where it was advised I was around 12 weeks.

    I have recently had methotrexate for a PUL and am on day 5 around 10 and a half weeks. I have had 2 scans of which neither sonographer has been able to see anything. My HCG levels were 3600, 3700, 3100 and then 3200.

    I had been bleeding before the injection. For a week and a half beforehand it was hardly anything really and only came when I was up and moving around. None sat down, or when I was asleep etc. on the day of having the injection this increased quite a lot and always has been like actual blood (sorry TMI) nothing in it. Not the same as a period etc. i had the injection 5 days ago, I had 2 pieces of small tissue but again everything just seems like I have an actual cut kind of bleeding. It has since yesterday slowed down a bit again. I had my day 4 results and I have gone down to a bit over 1400 which i know is positive. I am just wondering if anyone has had this type of bleeding which was there before the injection? I always have a dull ache on my right hand side which I am trying to just ignore.

    I think my concern re the bleeding is just because it is different to anything I had before and no one has been able to find anything at all on scans so just after some reassurance really.

    Thanks very much.

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