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Sep 1, 2006
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I was told to expect delivery either Friday past or today at the latest. it's madams pink coupe car.

Should I phone and complain as I did stay in all day waiting for it. They say delivery is usually 5 working days that was Friday, but the assistant said when we bought it, give it to Monday at the latest.

No fcuking show, that annoys me! :twisted:
Defo, fone them and complain, tell them you lost money staying in or something.

I hate it when you're told a delivery date and then they don't turn up!!!!
kick off complain and turn a dnt get vouchers for ur complaint kick off big style
KX said:
:? no comprende

what ?

aahh gotcha i dont make sence again sorry

kick off big style explian that you had to wait in twice and no delivery and that is totally unacceptable to wait this long explain that you could not get in store and if they cant keep to ther delivery promise why shoul i have to wait in again if u kick off bad enough u may get vouchers does that make sence now
That's betta!!

I agree tell them how pissed off you are.


You should get free delivery if you paid for it, and expect some vouchers too.

We complained to Tesco, got Free delivery, a bottle of wine and a free delivery voucher for next order.

OH ALSO, VOUCHERS MAY BE DATED, so make sure you use them!!
Tell them that you have had to take 2 UNPAID days of work to wait in for the delivery (mine would be unpaid as i haven't worked there long enough to get holidays) so you've lost wages!!

The bigger companies are usually the worst for delivering stuff i have found. :roll:
Ring them and complain. It's also worth putting the complaint into an email. We got £40 worth of vouchers last year because we were messed around with delivery of a pushchair.

I phoned this morning and asked what happened to my delivery and they inform me that the car is now out of stock and they dont know when they will get them in again! What a fcuking joke.

I asked them, well when were you going to inform me as i have been waiting on this for 2 days!!! *******s.

So ive to go back to the shop to get a refund.

Is this acceptable? :twisted: I dont think so! SO i complained to Head Office! :D
Definately not acceptable and I would complain. Be firm but polite with them and tell them it's not good enough and you expect to be compensated for the time that you've waited in for the delivery.

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