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Aug 31, 2006
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So we went in at 1.15pm and sat in the waiting room. 2 mins later Im called in. We go into the room and straightaway she asks Rob to sit for a min and takes me to another room to check height and weight.

So then we go back to where Rob is, she introduces herself, cant remember her name lol but shes the Registrar :D

First thing she says is my bmi is 27, 10 months ago it was 30 and that theyre happy to give me any treatments needed :D:D

She goes through the baisc questions for both me and rob. Drinking, Smoking, diabetes etc....

She then explains to me about the results sent from the other hopsital and how they indicated pcos. So she says that she will repeat the basic tests for hormone levels etc. I mentioned about teh border line test for thyroid (as well as family history) so shes going to repeat that too. Those two were done today.

Shes sent we home with 3 empty vials to get further blood tests to check progesterone levels. One at cd21, one at cd 28 and if needed (but she doubted) one at cd 35.

She explained what she would be looking for with the progesterone levels and even drew a little diagram lol!

Im pleased with how the appointment went, she was very nice and informative :D

Next appointment is Sept 19th
I was really pleased you sounded happy from todays appointment & that its all go from here on ... well done on the BMI were you even asked to try to lower that?

Just want to wish you both the best of luck on your journey from today.

x x x
She did say that 25 would be the ideal BMI for me but she didnt say directly loose more weight. Just that is was good i had lost some and to keep it up. Watch intake of carbs etc...
Really glad you had a positive appointment today and things are moving forward for you.

Well done to you for getting your BMI down too!
Sounds like a great appointment hun
I am so pleased the ball is rolling for you now :)
So glad it went well AG!
good to hear that everything is going in the right direction. i was diagnosed with pcos and concieved. i know you can do it too!!
Forgot to mention, she almost sent me home with my bottles of blood :lol:

She put them in the bags instead of empty ones!
Brilliant! Glad it went ok. :hugs:
Am glad it all went ok AG! you must feel a lot happier knowing something is being done now x
Fantastic news sweetie!!

Well done on the BMI and good luck to you and rob for the rest of your journey ....

:headspin:That is wonderful AG. Im so glad that it went well for you and hopefully your next apt. will go just as well.:hugs:
Well done you!!!!

Best of luck for the rest of your journey!Hope you get a BFP before the next one :D

woohoo your journey starts here :)

im so pleased for you hun
YAY thats great news, glad it went well, and fab news on the BMI, Well done to you x
So happy 4 u AG things are finaly moving for u, well done with BMI :headspin:

Stacey XX
Shes sent we home with 3 empty vials to get further blood tests to check progesterone levels. One at cd21, one at cd 28 and if needed (but she doubted) one at cd 35.
Next step moro I see hun - Whats next after that?

Sorry chick for some reason I thought this was blood test 2

:hugs: x x

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