My C-Section was easier than I expected this time round!!!

Discussion in 'Caesarean Section' started by kellyrae, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. kellyrae

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    Apr 6, 2010
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    Hi thought I would share this because I had an emcs with my first and was petrified to be having a second section but planned.

    I really was worried about how it would go, the thought of sitting and having the spinal done and how the recovery would be.

    So my emcs with my first was hectic and fast in and out, so there wasn't much for me to remember that was enjoyable apart from seeing my first born for the first time of course.
    When I was advised to have another section due to my diabetes and eye problems I started to panic a little from the worries of how it would all go in general.
    My main concern was the spinal going in as when I had the last one it was during a contraction so I didn't feel it going in, this time I knew I would be well aware of everything happening around me and not high on gas and air from a failed induction!!!

    If I had known how easy and relaxed it would all go I would have had alot ore sleep in the running up to it.
    Me and my husband arrived approx 7am and I was shown my bed, got all my babies clothes and nappy ready to take to theatre with me for when we were in recovery, they then put in the canula and we were told to walk down to theater with our midwife that would be staying with us through the whole procedure until we returned to the wad again.

    We arrived at theatre where we were introduced to the whole team that would be bringing our baby into the world that morning.
    I was sat on the bed and told to keep still with my head on my chest, he sprayed my back with a cold spray, injected me with some aneasthetic and then put in the spinal, which i am pleased to say was no where near as scary or painful as i imagined it would be!!

    My whole body felt warm and tingly and i was laid down ready to go :thumbup:
    The only part i didnt like was them pushing down on my ribs to get baby out, it felt as though i was struggling to breath but it only lasted a few seconds.

    My recovey has been great so far, i'm now 12 days post op and feeling great, doing most things within reason of course and not lifting anything heavy.
    My scar is healing lovely too, I had Rosalie on tuesday 28th of may and i was discharged on thursday 30th may :flower:

    I could not ask fo a better experience and i held my beautiful daughter within minutes of her bith too :flower:
  2. LDC

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    Dec 23, 2011
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    Massive congratulations on Rosalie!

    Thank you for sharing this, if we ttc again I'd like an emcs due to my previous labour being awful and I've been concerned about some of the things you were worried about too, like not being mid contraction for the spinal!

    I hope you're enjoying your new bundle of joy

  3. momofone08

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    Mar 20, 2011
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    Congratulations! I am glad your second experience was better. My first was a planned c-section for a breech delivery and far worse than my emcs after a failed vbac. I was terrified that it would be worse, but it was much much better. I am pleased that you had a good experience this time around. Enjoy those baby cuddles.
  4. c1403

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    Thanks for sharing.

    I had a EMCS with my first back in September. I am now in my TWW waiting on no2.

    My section was a scary experience, baby was in distress and about a hour after the section I started bleeding so had to go back into theatre, I then caught an infection so spent 24 hours on high dependancy.

    I have thought a little about next time and part of me wants a ELCS as last time was very traumatic, although I am torn as I'd also like a VBAC (I only plan on one more baby)

  5. Solstyce

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    Jan 28, 2013
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    My planned c-section was easier than my emergency c-section too.
    The planned one was a great experience. Emergency was a nightmare.
    Congrats on your daughter!
  6. Tiffylove

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    Oct 21, 2012
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    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am getting ready to have my planned c-section in two days (Tuesday June 18th) and I have been so scared and nervous. It's nice to hear about things going well.

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