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Jun 15, 2013
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Hey there,

I was wondering if there is anyone out there OH is a gamer, i can't speak for everyone but i am proud of my status as gamers girlfriend (well technically fiancee) :cloud9: and i was wondering if there is anyone else out there in the same situation. If you like the situation or not :D

My fiance is addicted to Xbox and most games on it. Glad I'm not alone ;)
My OH is a gamer, he's actually starting to get me into it! I now know the difference between an rts and an rpg, know the names of the factions in starcraft and play skyrim! His main game is a pretty cool online one called nodiatis
haha thats awesome :D i don't mind him playing if it keeps him happy xD
I don't mind them playing every now and then, but when family time comes second to their gaming, I get hateful. My oh is a gamer, but he's not the worst ever. My ex used to game for 15 hours a day, non-stop, and refused to hold a job. That's a bit excessive, if you ask me, haha.
yeah that is true lol.

my OH plays all the time when he is at home, but he will happily come off the computer to go shopping,see friends and everything else xD and to go to work of course.

I ve heard of people who wont come off at all
I don't know if it's because myself and OH are both massive gamers, but I find it kinda odd that you're proud to be a gamer's fiancee.

I don't mean any disrespect, it's just... I dunno. Being a gamer isn't really anything to be "proud of" :haha: It's just a hobby.

I've got a blog about gaming, movies, etc, but that's because those are my interests, not because they're OHs xx
I hardley go around around screaming it from the rooftops xD, but i don't mind that he does it.

If you asked my OH he would disagree and say it is his life, he is addicted to it, his computer and i are equal for his time but he says i am just about his favorite *a running joke of ours*
My OH is a gamer and so am I so we work well together. I play Xbox and he plays pc mainly. We play diablo 3 together. :D
My OH is a gamer, luckily so am I :)

Our latest "romantic nights in" have been me multiboxing 3 chars on WoW, and him multiboxing 2 :D
My OH plays Counter Strike: Global Offensive on his pc, but he belongs to a professional team, so people pay for him to go to events and play computer games.

I will never understand why people would do that, but apparently it's good business xD
Oh is a pc gamer,mainly plays mmos, he is currently playing a beta mmorpg and another mmo that's a rts right now. He finds these random games on steam and another website where they cost next to nothing. He used to play wow but we couldn't afford it any more. He Was on a private server But decided against that.he also is a fan on gw2 and before that 1. E used to play Xbox but has found the pricing of the Xbox these days to pricey which is why e has totally moved on to pc( he used to play a mixture of pc and Xbox) we don't even have Xbox gold anymore. He hasn't played the last 2/3 cods as its all samey. He did enjoy battlefield though but not 100% interested in bf4. We have been together for a few years and he regularly talks about what he has done etc. I guess I have picked up a lot over the years! X
We're both huge gamers. We have quite a good collection of console and handhelds going on, both retro and current gen. For our wedding anniversary last year we spent the whole day playing co-op Halo :D
haha that would be my OH heaven xD

i'm not a gamer but OH is but it dosent bother me at all, in fact i buy him games i think he will like, i haven't got it wrong yet xD
My OH is a gamer too. I'd love to play but I'm pretty rubbish and just get frustrated! Although we did enjoy playing Portal 2 co-op together :)

Even tho I'm not a gamer I still get a bit geeky over them! I love getting OH special editions of games and watching him play (gears of war 3 was like a movie to me!)

Last one I bought him was Bioshock Infinate Songbird Edition....we have the songbird displayed proudly on a little side table lol.

It does get a bit annoying when I'm sat waiting to watch tv with him and he's on battlefield or something!
my oh has the final fantasy beta which i like to watch him play xD
My DH plays games... I used to play games myself long before I met him, but I found myself losing interest in the past few years. Now I only play seasonally, and with a baby that's just learning to be mobile I just don't have time to sit down and play (though I do try whenever I get the chance), but I do find that I get bored quicker than I used to.

I don't mind being married to a "gamer". I have to say though it is different than I imagined. I thought we'd play more MMO games together, but we hardly ever did. We played some WoW when I was pregnant with DD but again, I lost interest way too fast. And over the past year he's been into this single player game (that I know by heart by now but will never play) so not many opportunities to play together.

During the pregnancy, we tried playing this survival game called Left 4 Dead. He expected it would scare me as I hate survival, but thankfully it went well. Again though I don't find myself that into any game for too long anymore...not sure what happened to me over the years.

When I worked and had grad school at the same time and rode horses on my free time, I could not WAIT to get home, be alone, and play diablo 3 or WoW...actually diablo 3 was amongst the last games that really captured my interest. Followed by Guild Wars 2. My DH, however, is the same as before... or well he has also changed and probably quite drastic, but he still plays more than I ever will again. It doesn't bother me.

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